Academics and Classes

November 25, 2020

Fall 2020 Semester Courses (November 30-December 12):

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our area, we have made the decision to move the majority of courses to virtual instruction after Thanksgiving through the end of the semester - November 30-December 12.

While some classes will continue to be offered in-person during this time, the majority will switch to a virtual format for the last two weeks of the semester to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Instructors will notify students no later than Monday, November 16 regarding the plans for each class.

Campus services including the libraries, Student Services Centers and Learning Success Centers will continue to be available on-campus and online to help students as they finish the semester.

Gateway cares for the safety and health of its staff, students and visitors, and has put in place some safeguards for health and safety on campus:

  • All students, faculty, staff and campus visitors must wear a face mask while on campus while in class, in hallways, common areas and meeting spaces
  • When on campus, please wear your Gateway Student ID. Remember, you can obtain an ID at the Student Services office at the Elkhorn, Kenosha and Racine campuses.
  • Only certain entrances are open for each building on all campuses. Please see our campus locations webpage for open entrances.
  • Social distancing will be maintained while on campus and students are asked to follow signage on campus to help maintain social distancing

Spring 2021 Semester Courses:

Gateway Technical College plans to be open for students this spring and is ready to provide a safe and healthy way for students to gain an education. The college remains committed to providing students with services and support for academic success as well as a quality education and learning experience.

To allow ample time for deep cleaning of our buildings between semesters and to allow extra time to prepare for Spring Semester after the winter break for those who may need it, we are postponing the start of Spring Semester to Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

To accommodate the later start date of Jan. 19, the Spring Semester will be extended one week and end on April 26. Off-campus instructional activities such as internships and clinicals may begin January 6 as determined by deans and faculty on a case-by-case basis to be able to fulfill required hours. Your clinical or internship faculty will communicate with you regarding plans for your placement. 

Spring semester courses will be available in-person, online and in blended formats. The college will continue to support students to ensure their success through on-campus and online support services. The college also will provide Chromebooks to students as needed.

Course delivery options include:

In-person: If a course is listed with a campus location and meeting date and time, the course will be offered in a fully on-campus, in-person format.

Blended: If a course is listed as blended, a portion of the course will be delivered in-person, on-campus and a portion will be delivered in an online format.

INET without day, time or location: If a course is listed as INET without a day, time or location, the course will be delivered in a traditional online format via Blackboard. Access to begin INET coursework should be available in Blackboard no later than the first day of class.

OSYNC Online Synchronous: If a course is listed as OSYNC with a day/meeting time but no location, the course will be delivered via online synchronous delivery. Students will meet online at the assigned time via video conference, allowing students to have real-time, live interaction with the instructor and classmates.

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