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Traffic Safety

Classes offered at Gateway Technical College

Traffic Safety Point Reduction Theory

This course is designed to reduce the number of violations and crashes in Wisconsin and also fulfills the requirement if you have a Right of Way violation. Students will examine their driving behavior and review traffic laws and penalties. Emphasis will be placed on driver improvement. The course will show participants how to develop a change plan to reduce their risk of traffic violations.

The course is a total of 15 hours and upon successful completion you can request a three point reduction on your driving record. This can only be done once every three years.

Group Dynamics

The Group Dynamics program is a highway safety initiative within Wisconsin which aims to assist persons involved in alcohol/other drug-related traffic offenses to make lasting changes in their drinking and driving behavior and attitude. The course deals with OWI (operating while intoxicated) laws, effects of alcohol/drugs, and different types of drinking behaviors. Each student will examine their own drinking/driving behaviors and develop a personal change plan to help them avoid a further OWI.

This course is a total of 22 hours and positive life change is the main focus to avoid future offenses. Depending on the students’ Wisconsin driving record, a three point reduction to their current record may be requested upon successful completion of the course.

Multiple Offender Program

The Multiple Offender program is a specialized education course for individuals who have received two or more OWIs, (operating while intoxicated). The course emphasizes strategies and techniques that assist individuals in changing high-risk attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol, other drugs and driving. Small group sessions and the participation of a concerned other, at a minimum of two sessions, along with self-evaluation techniques will be utilized.

The course is a total of 30 classroom hours and a follow up evaluation three months after the last class. Depending on the students’ Wisconsin driving record, a three point reduction to their current record may be requested upon successful completion of the course.

Juvenile AODA (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Education Theory

This class is for an underage (21) drug or drinking violation that was not a DUI (driving under the influence). The class is usually court ordered and can only be taken once unless the student did not complete with a satisfactory grade. It is a 14 hour course that provides an educational setting for participants to develop a personal change plan that promotes an alcohol and other drug-free lifestyle.

Upon successful completion the student will receive a certificate they use to report back to the court.

General Information if you want to register for any of the above

  • None of the classes are offered on line
  • Registration is in-person only at the Elkhorn, Kenosha, or Racine Campus
  • Payment is due at the time you register
  • If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must come with you
  • Bring a picture ID when coming to register
  • Group Dynamics and Multiple Offender students must bring a copy of their assessment papers when coming to register
  • Registration is open 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday.
  • Fees are non-refundable if you fail to show up for class.

To check availability on line, follow these steps

  • Visit WebAdvisor
  • Click on search for classes (sections)
  • Make sure the term you want is highlighted. Example: 2017 Fall
  • In the Course Number box, type in the course number

812-436 for Traffic Safety Point Reduction Theory

818-401 for Group Dynamics

818-403 for Multiple Offender

818-402-for Juvenile AODA Education Theory

This process will give you up to-date availability of the class, times, and location. You do not have to register on the campus where you will be taking the class. Look for Student Services, our buildings are clearly marked.

Information for Out of State Licenses and Tickets

View the Traffic Safety FAQ

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