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General Studies

The Steppingstone to Success

General Studies courses provide students with the foundational skills they need to be successful in their programs and careers, in their future educational endeavors, and in their personal lives. For students seeking an associate’s degree, these courses are similar to those required for students earning a college degree in other two- or four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

Some General Studies courses, such as those in math, social science or science, are directly related to student success in their program courses, such as Human Services, Early Childhood Education, Supervisory Management, Accounting, Nursing or Engineering. Other General Studies courses introduce students to valuable concepts in sociology or interpersonal communication. Coursework in Social Sciences and Communications help students to explore subjects from a variety of different viewpoints, to stretch their mental muscles, to learn about the world and their place in it, and to think critically and logically (skills highly valued by employers).

Program Advisory Committees, consisting of faculty in the programs and employers in the field, determine which General Studies courses are appropriate for students in each program. Students are usually encouraged to complete their General Studies requirements first, before starting their degree program courses, because professional degree programs build upon the base General Studies provides.

In addition to the courses required by programs, the General Studies division offers a variety of courses students may take as electives so they can pursue their own areas of interest.


Kathryn Nordhaus, Dean

Communications & World Languages

Department Chair, Lisa Kusko

Dr. Colleen Connolly
Donetta Davis
Jessica Gleason
Dr. Thomas Halloran
Amy Hankins
Heidi Jenkins
Jay Johnson
Kyle Kendall
Melinda Modesitt
Randy Mueller
Lisa Packard
Karen Solliday
Ann Stotts
Jennifer Vanags
Dr. Katy Vopal
Dr. Manhui (Amy) Wang


Department Chair, Al Gomez

Jason Gerber
Dean Greve
Dr. Dennis Landergott
Dr. Xiaoying Lin
Roxanne Norris
Geraldine Strifling
Dr. Qun Yu
Steve Zambo


Department Chair, Dr. Don Zakutansky

Nicole Ayala
Lori Baxa
Shahida Dar
Mike DuPrey
Tiffany Garrison
Dr. Richard McLaughlin
Henry Meier
Tim Sorensen
Dr. Scott Stieg
Dr. Gina Zainelli

Social Sciences

Department Chair, Dr. Soheila Brouk

Colleen Aird
Michael Costello
Dr. Jeff Goodpaster
Angelina Helt
Joan Paradiso
Ronald Schultz
Steve Sloan
Dr. Suzanne Sublette
Dr. Steve Summers
Dr. David Wang

Traffic Safety

Department Chair, Robin Rupp

Ted Mizak