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GED/HSED Accommodations

The student with documented disabilities may receive accommodations for the GED and HSED tests by following this procedure:

  • Schedule to meet with a Disability Support Instructor and bring documentation.
  • Forms are completed by Disability Support Instructor and Designated Professional.
  • The Testing Specialist verifies and sends the forms to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to be approved or denied. Notification time varies.
  • The Testing Specialist receives notification and informs the student.
  • Student schedules an appointment to take the GED test with accommodations.
  • Approved testing accommodations are administered by the Testing Specialist.

* No additional charges incur for these accommodations.

Possible accommodations for the GED may include one or more of the following:

  • Extended time
  • Supervised frequent Breaks
  • Audiocassette edition with large-print reference copy
  • Use of a Scribe
  • Use of a talking calculator
  • Private room
  • Sign-language interpreter
  • Calculator for part 11 of the Math test
  • Braille version
  • Other accommodations as warranted by the candidate’s need