Psychiatric/Psychological Disability Documentation Criteria

Download an evaluation/documentation form.
(This form should be completed by a qualified professional.)

A qualified professional must conduct the evaluation:

A qualified professional must conduct an evaluation. Professionals conducting assessments and rendering diagnoses should have appropriate training in diagnosing psychological/psychiatric disorders. The name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification should be clearly stated in the documentation. All reports should be on letterhead, dated signed, and legible.

Documentation should be current:

The provision of accommodations is based on assessment of the current impact of the student’s disabilities on his or her academic performance. Documentation that is outdated or inadequate in scope or content; does not address the student’s current level of functioning; or does not address changes in the student’s performance since the previous assessment was conducted may not support requested accommodations. When appropriate, additional supportive documentation will be requested.

Documentation necessary to substantiate a psychiatric/psychological disability should include:

  • A statement, on letterhead, by a qualified health professional, such as a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist;
  • A summary of assessment procedures, evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis, and a summary of evaluation results;
  • The statement should include a specific diagnosis, the nature of the disability, functional limitations, current status of the student, and any recommendations for support. These recommendations should be supported by the evaluation;
  • When warranted, medical information relating to the student should also include the impact of medication on the student’s ability to meet the demands in the postsecondary environment.

Qualified Professionals Include:

Qualified professionals include psychiatrists, psychologists PhD, or medical doctor.