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Automotive Repair

At certain times of the semester, students in Gateway’s Automotive Service Simulation class provide reduced-cost auto repair work available to members of the community. Your car or light truck may be considered for service if it is 10 years old or newer and needs a repair that aligns with the course curriculum.  

Vehicle owners are charged a $30 shop fee plus the cost of parts needed for their requested repair. If applicable, there will be a $15 battery disposal fee and a $20 tire disposal fee.

  • Possible areas of assistance may include:
  • Brakes
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Engine Cooling
  • Chassis and Accessory Electrical
  • Alignment and Suspension
  • Minor Engine Repair
  • Engine Performance and Emissions
  • Manual Transmissions and Clutches
  • Automatic Transmissions

All requested repair projects will be reviewed to determine if they meet the educational requirements of the Automotive Service Simulation class. Gateway reserves the right to only accept repair projects they feel are suitable for the class.

If you are interested in having a repair done by Gateway’s Automotive Service Simulation class, please submit a repair request form.

All work is done by appointment only. No automobile or job will have priority over another because of the application date. Jobs will be selected and scheduled according to instructional need and value. Students will be servicing vehicles that correspond to the area they are studying. Gateway will contact you when your vehicle is selected for service. A service date for your vehicle cannot be provided until your vehicle has been selected for service. If work on your vehicle cannot be completed in one day, you will be expected to leave the vehicle until the requested work is completed. Gateway does not provide towing.