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Business Resource Center

Do you have a napkin idea?

Ideas starting out as scribbles on a napkin can be developed into concepts. And, with a little support from Business Resources, developed into thriving businesses.

Our partnership with local business development organizations has led to the creation of a business resource suite.

We have experts who can advise our customers in areas such as mentoring, development, finances, incubation and planning. The following partners share Gateway’s business resource suite with the Fab Lab and Launch Box staff:

If you are looking to grow your business or are a new and emerging entrepreneur, we have the resources you need to tackle tough questions. We can help you find focus when creating a sustainable plan for your business. If you need a workspace, we can assist you with our co-working space. If you would like to make your idea into reality, we can work with you on ideation and you can prototype your product in the Fab Lab.

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