Rudy the Red Hawk with graduates

Rudy the Red Hawk

Rudy the Red Hawk is Gateway’s mascot and symbol of school spirit, building college awareness and engagement by representing Gateway at Student Life activities and key community events.

History: In June 2013, the Gateway Technical College Board of Trustees adopted the “Red Hawk” as the official mascot of the college. The Red Hawk (short for Red-Tailed Hawk) is a majestic bird that is well known throughout Wisconsin and North America. The Red Hawk can be identified by brick-red feathers along the crown of the head and throughout the tail.

Symbolism: Red-Tailed Hawks are noted for soaring high above the landscape, symbolic of the dedication and commitment of Gateway students in their pursuit of academic excellence and workforce success. Unlike other birds of prey, Red-Tailed Hawks are known to be found in cities as well as rural areas, which mirrors the Gateway district’s mix of urban and rural landscape.

In flight, the Red-Tailed Hawk holds a steady and deliberate pattern. For over 100 years, Gateway has demonstrated a similar commitment to its mission of providing education and training opportunities for all learners and meeting our communities’ workforce education goals. Our mascot serves as a reminder of the important contributions Gateway students have made to the college and their communities and the responsibility we all have for creating our future.

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