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Namesort descending Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Wagner, Barbara Academic Advising Academic Advisor Elkhorn 2627418512
Wahler, Vicki Guidance/counseling Student Support Counselor Elkhorn 2627418380
Waldschmidt, Jacob Fire Technology - Non Credit Instructor, Learning Success Center Racine 2626196480
Walker, Kate Bws Director, Operations IMET 2628987410
Wall, Robert Mechanical Technology Adj Inst Mechanical Design - K
Walsko, Gregory Technical Communications Adjunct
Walt, Randy Bldg Maint-elkhorn Custodian Elkhorn
Walther, Sue Community/government Relations Administrative Assistant Kenosha 2625643612
Wang, David Social Science Instructor, Sociology Elkhorn 2627418548
Wang, Manhui (Amy) Communication Skills Instructor, Communication Skills Kenosha 2625643122
Warnock, Breezann Bursar/student Finances Director, Student Financial Accounting Kenosha 2625642032
Washington-White, Allicia Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Watson, Jacqueline Career Services Student Employment Specialist Racine 2626196390
Wayd, Timothy Motorcycle/moped Driver Ed Use 16194 2627675134
Weber, Melissa Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Technical Assistant Racine 2626196464
Weber, Victoria Enrollment Services Welcome Center Associate/Student Services Center Secretary Elkhorn 2627418464
websitetest2, websitetest2 IT Kenosha
Wehmeier, Jenny
Weidert, Thomas Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Weidner, James Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Weidner, Erich Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Weiger, Susan Related Business Adj Inst Related Business - E
Weisner, Dan Bldg Maint-kenosha Mechanic Kenosha 2625642810
Weiss, Eric Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625643714
Weller, Elsa Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Wells, Nathan Marketing & Communications Web Designer-Lead Kenosha 2625643230
Wendt, Ursula Computer Software Adj Inst Computer Software - K Racine
Wermeling, Linsey Dental Instructor, Dental Assistant Kenosha 2625642864
Werve, Brittany Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician IMET 2628987508
Whalen, Crystal Academic Operations Academic Operations Aide-Evening Racine 2626196562
Whitmoyer, Steven Civil Technology Instructor, Civil Engineering/Structural IMET 2628987426
Whynott, Anne Research, Planning,evaluation Associate Vice President, Research, Planning, & Development Kenosha 2625642758
Whyte, William Admin/financial Services Senior Vice President, Operations Kenosha 2625643228
Widmar, Robin Bws Contract Technician IMET 2628987548
Wiechers, Lorie It- Network & Infrastructure Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625642760
Wiedholz, Jo Admin/financial Services Finance Associate Kenosha 2625642762
Wiemero, Jennifer Acad Supp/mathematics Instructor, Learning Success Center Elkhorn 2627418426
Wienckowski, Andrew Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Wienke, Brian Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Wikner, Marilyn Ss Enrollment Services Admin Student Success Associate Kenosha 2625642940
Wilkes, Steven Career Services Career Counselor Elkhorn 2627418522
Wilkinson, Carson General Education Test Evaluator
Williams, Jenelle English Adjunct Kenosha
Williams, Siovahn Reading Adjunct
Williams, Sylvester Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625642524
Williams, Tracy Foreign Language Adj Inst Foreign Language - K
Williamson, Suzanne Nursing Instructor, Nursing Burlington 2627675740
Williamson, Philip Social Science Use 16045
Willing, Susan Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642676
Wilson, Brian Mfg/engr & Electronics Admin Machine Maintenance Technician/Materials Expeditor Racine 2627418562
Windham, Dwayne Academic Advising Academic Adviser Racine 2626196510
Wineinger, Brent Natural Science Adj Inst Natural Science - K
Wisniewski, Jonathon
Witte, Jamie Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Witte, Ann Enrollment Services Director, Express Services Elkhorn 2627418354
Wlodarski, Donald Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Svcs Adjunct
Wojciechowicz, Diane Barbering/cosmetology Adjunct 502
Wojciechowski, Wesley Aeronautics Transportation Technical Assistant/Expediter Horizon 2625643936
Wolcott, Tammy Pretech Math Adjunct
Wolf, Elizabeth Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625643130
Wollert, Courtney Distance Learning Learning Innovation Division Support Specialist Kenosha 2625643028
Wollwage, Seth Social Services Instructor, Human Services Racine 2626196734
Wood, Thomas Natural Science Science Technical Assistant Racine 2626197186
Woodman Jr., Gene (Eddie) Payroll Payroll Specialist Kenosha 2625642588
Wooster, Carolyn Related Business Adj Inst Related Business - R
Wooster, Daniel Automobile Mechanical Adj Inst Auto Tech - Racine
Wooters-Dewey, Barbara Academic Operations Casual
Worzala, Kyle Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2626196682
Wunder, Jeff Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Wynia, Courtney

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