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Name Emailsort descending Department Job Title Campus Phone
Macao, Nina Enrollment Services Student Express Associate Kenosha 2625643141
Maccari, Lori Ems Admin Service Occupations Assistant Burlington 2625642067
Magwitz, Thomas Adjunct
Mahdasian, David Disability Support Services Instructor, Disability Support Services Kenosha 2625642448
Mair, Mary Interpreter Technician Instructor, Interpreter Technician Elkhorn 2625642751
Malacara, Stacey Student Support Services TRIO Program Coordinator Elkhorn 2625642593
Malloy, Richard English Instructor, Adult High School/Communication Racine 2625642600
Malone, Shayla English Transition Specialist Racine 2625642572
Maluchnick, Nathan Building/maint-imet Custodian IMET 2625642690
Manning, Pamela Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Administrative Professional Kenosha 2625642554
Mann, William Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Marbes, Sarah Service Learning Impact Program Coordinator Kenosha 2625643138
Markus, Dennis Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Svcs Adjunct Kenosha 2625642481
Marschke, Sean Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Marschner, Rebecca IT - Information Technology Instructor, CIS Microcomputer Specialist Elkhorn 2625642752
Marsh, Nicholas
Masnik, Deana
Mass, Michael
Matic, Zarija Colleague Programmer/Analyst Kenosha 2625642884
Mazur, Deanna Fire Technology Lead Instructor - Credit
Mazzulla, Krystal Nursing Adjunct
McCaughey, Steven Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE
McCluskey, Linea Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2625642454
McCray, Kevin Career Services Career Counselor Racine 2625642489
McDuffie, Desmar Student Support Services Student Support Specialist Kenosha 2625642546
McFarland, Benjamin Welding Instructor, Welding Racine 2625642559
McGee, Christina Child Development Instructor, Early Childhood Education Racine 2625642535
McGee, Linda Accounting Instructor, Accounting Racine 2625642607
McGovern, Katrina Health/practice Lab Health & Technology Learning Center (HTLC) Assistant Kenosha 2625642114
McGrath, David Radio Station - Gen Mgmt News Director Kenosha 2625643880
McLaughlin, Richard Natural Science Instructor, Life Sciences Kenosha 2625642316
McMahon, Thomas
McNally, Robert Natural Science Adjunct - Anatomy & Physiology
McNaughton, Steven Bws Dean, Business Workforce Solutions IMET 2625642629
Meagher, Molly Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Dean Associate Kenosha 2625643045
Meeks, Margaret Science Adj Inst Acad Dev/Science - K
Meindel, Matthew Laboratory Assistant Instructor/Program Director, Medical Laboratory Technician Kenosha 2625642228
Meisner, Jason Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Techncian - Lte Elkhorn 2625643668
Melville, James English Adjunct
Mendez, Sam Bldg Maint-kenosha Mechanic Kenosha 2625642562
Mendoza, Karina Admissions Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2625642759
Menebroeker, Jamie
Menzie, Damon It- Network & Infrastructure Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625643702
Mertes, Victoria Medical Assistant Instructor, Medical Assistant Elkhorn 2625642698
Meyer, Andrew Natural Science Science Technical Assistant Elkhorn 2625642776
Meyer, Joyanne Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Racine 2625643064
Michalski, Kristin
Mielcarek, Debra General Education Adjunct Faculty
Miles, Heather It Hardware/intro Instructor, Computer Support Specialist Racine 2625642488
Miller, James Fire Technology Fire Certification Exams
Miller, Justin Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K Kenosha
Miller, Jennifer Nursing Adjunct
Miller, Michelle Bws Administrative Assistant, VP of BWS IMET 2625642663
Miller, Nicole Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Miller, William Server & Virtual Technology Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625642534
Miner, Sabrina Research, Planning,evaluation Institutional Effectiveness Associate Kenosha 2625642442
Mohr, Jeffrey Industrial Administration Machine Maintenance Technician/Materials Expeditor Racine 2625642908
Montemurro, Karla
Moody, Scott Bldg/site Maint-burlington Manager, Facilities - Elkhorn/Burlington Elkhorn 2625642798
Mooney, Kate Hs Basic Abe Success Skills Instructor, Adult Basic Education (WIG) Kenosha 2625642231
Morgan, Sabrina Promise Program Coordinator, Gateway Promise Racine 2625642362
Morin, Kelly Testing Services Testing Specialist Kenosha 2625642566
Morris, Jacqueline Staffing Vice President, Human Resources Kenosha 2625643032
Morrow, Eric
Mouradian, Aracely English Instructor, English Language Learner Kenosha 2625642346
Mouzakis, Audrie Nursing Instructor, Nursing (LTE) Burlington 2625643225
Mueller, Kristine Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Elkhorn 2625642768
Mueller, Randy Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Kenosha 2625642870
Mueller, Richard Fire Technology - Non Credit Lead Instructor - ACE
Muhammad, Ricky Bldg Maint-kenosha Manager, Facilities - Kenosha Kenosha 2625642054
Mulhollon, Carrie Testing Services Testing Specialist Kenosha 2625642532
Mulhollon, Beth Disability Support Services Instructor, Disability Support Services Racine 2625642452
Munoz, Blanca Communication Skills Adjunct - Spanish
Muscarella, Petrina (Trina) Student Support Services Student Life Coordinator Elkhorn 2625642789