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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Laabs, Denise
Labanowsky, Diane Nursing and Nursing Related Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642746
LaBarbera, Joseph Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
LaCanne, Sue Graphic Designer Instructor, Graphic Communications Racine 2626196438
LaFave, Mark Nursing Casual Kenosha 2625642114
Laird, AJ Recruitment/placement New Student Specialist Kenosha 2625642558
LaMacchia, Teresa Gen Instruction/administrators Associate Dean, Academic Operations Kenosha 2625642726
Lambert, Jacqueline Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Lambert, Michael Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Lampada, Diane Medical Support Professional Non-Faculty
Lampe, Kael Surgical Technician Professional Non-Faculty Kenosha 2625642212
Lampi, John Adjunct Faculty Adjunct Faculty
Landergott, Dennis Mathematics Instructor, Mathematics Kenosha 2625642518
Landry, Mary Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Adj Instr Alcohol/Drug Abuse Racine 2626197374
Lange, Mark Accounting Instructor, Accounting Kenosha 2625643124
Langenstroer, Lother Trade & Industry Adj Inst - Painting & Decorating - R
Larkin, Adam Culinary Arts Instructor, Culinary Arts Racine 2626197652
Larson, Craig Aeronautics Instructor, Aeronautics Horizon 2625643938
Larson, Robert It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625643734
Latham, Susan Adjunct
Lauenstein, Debra Supervisory Mgmt - Wedd Adj Instr Sup Mgt - BISD
Lawler, Billie Nursing Adjunct
Lawrence, Magan Academic Operations Scheduling Specialist Kenosha 2627418482
Lawson, Cassell Gen Instruction/Administration Adj Inst Certification - District
Laybourn, Kathleen Mathematics Adj Inst Acad Dev/Math - K
Lazaro, Christine IT - Information Technology Instructor, Office Technology Kenosha 2625642330
Laznicka, Laura Graphic Designer Instructor, Graphic Technologies - Electronic Prepress Elkhorn 2627418384
Leafblad, Robert Welding Adj Inst Welding - Racine
Lebrick, Greg Marketing & Communications Marketing Specialist-Creative Kenosha 2625642530
Lee, Chava Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Lee, Mary Student Support Services Casual
Lee, Bao Non-Instructional 930 New Student Specialist Racine 2626196350
Lehrke, Gina Nursing and Nursing Related Adjunct Racine 2626197862
Lejcar, James Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Leonard, Bernie Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Leslie, Dionne Adjunct
Lester, Lawrence Emergency Medical Services Do Not Use Burlington
Lewandowski, Hank Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Lewis, Laurie Student Services Admin. District Records Associate Racine 2626196656
Lewis, Vickie Medical Assistant Adj Inst Medical Asst - Racine
Lewis, Michael Horticulture Adj Inst Horticulture - Kenosha
Lewis, Debbie Admin/financial Services Grant Accounting Manager Kenosha 2625643046
Leyer, Gary Emergency Medical Services Instructor, Paramedic Burlington 2627675308
Liberski, Bruce Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual Burlington
Liesch, Mary Nursing Learning Success Coach, Nursing Kenosha 2625642680
Lieu, Nichole Reading Adjunct
Lieu, Vincent Non-Instructional 930 New Student Specialist Racine 2626196718
Lima, Rosalva Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Lin, Xiaoying Mathematics Instructor, Mathematics Racine 2626196522
Lincoln, Pamela
Lincoln, Kathleen Interpreter-elkhorn Casual Technical
Lindquist, April Library/lr-kenosha Library Technician-District Lead Kenosha 2625642540
Lingg, Joshua Adjunct
Linn, Dennis Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Linton, David Mathematics Adj Inst Acad Dev/Math - K Kenosha
Lintonen, Rhinehart Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - Elkhorn Elkhorn 2627418236
Lira, Aidana Gen Instruction/Administration Grants Specialist Kenosha
Litz, Denise
Locher, Jill Testing Services Testing Associate Elkhorn 2627418430
Locke, Sharon Adj Inst Office Technology - R
Lofy, Richard Industrial Manu - Wedd Instructor, Mfg Processes, Lean Concepts, Six-Sigma IMET
Lohre, Katelyn Guidance/counseling Student Support Counselor Racine 2626196586
Lois, Kurt Service & Health Occupations Testing Associate Racine 2626196474
Lois, Linda Bldg Maint-elkhorn Cleaner Elkhorn
Longrie, Aaron Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Lopez, Jody Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Lopez, Luis Gen Instruction/Administration Casual
LoPiccolo, Arlene Allied Health/General Education Instr-Dental Assistant Kenosha
Lott, Glenn Bldg Maint-racine Casual Racine 2626196476
Love, David Programmer/Analyst Kenosha
Lovette, Daniel Bldg Maint-kenosha Cleaner Kenosha 2625643148
Lowrey, Pam Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Financial Aid Technician Kenosha 2625642670
Lucht, Nancy Adjunct Facutly - Burlington Burlington
Luedtke, Alyssa Enrollment Services Student Express Associate/Campus Cashier (District Floater) Kenosha 2625642376
Lund, Barbara English Adjunct
Lupella, Tedd Surgical Technician Instructor, Surgical Tech Kenosha 2625642724
Lyden, Sandy Academic Support Center
Lynch, Brian English Adjunct
Lyons, Daniel General College: Mathematics Adjunct
Lyth, Kris It- Network & Infrastructure Casual 100