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  • Green Print

Printing on Campus

In order to meet increasing demand for printing services, Gateway is implementing a low-cost, green print program starting in Summer 2012.  This initiative is expected to reduce uneccessary printing costs.

Each semester registered students will receive a $10 credit of non-refundable Gateway print points on their GatewayOneCard Student ID card.

Student will be required to swipe their GatewayOneCard Student ID card to release print jobs at any college printer.

Costs: (effective July 1, 2015)

Single-sided, black & white print or copy: 7 cents
Double-sided, black & white print or copy: 10 cents
Single-sided, color print or copy: 50 cents
Double-sided, color print or copy: 75 cents

There will be no charge for scanning to email. Double sided printing will be the default setting on all print devices.

The $10 credit of Gateway print points will expire/dissolve the day prior to the start of the next semester.

Adding additional funds to your GatewayOneCard

If a student does not have sufficient funds on his/her account the print job will not be released. The student is responsible for adding additional funds to their account via their online account or at a kiosk station on campus.

For students wishing to add additional funds to their GatewayOneCards there are three ways to add money:

  1. Online using your debit or credit card
  2. Visit a cash loader kiosk on campus and insert cash

Before you add funds, be sure to read the Refund Policy.

Adding money online

Students wishing to add money online must go to

Students can either choose:

  • Add quick cash: The quick “add value” link to add money to their card without creating a login.
  • Login: Students can create a login to create a user profile, add funds, check account balances, and save account information for future use.

Students also have the option to establish a guest user that can access their account and add funds.

Adding money at a cash loader kiosk

Students can add money to their GatewayOneCard using cash at the cash loader kiosks on campus. The kiosks accept $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills. The machine only accepts bills and does not provide change.

Kiosks can be found in the following locations:

  • Burlington Center – atrium
  • Elkhorn Campus – North Building atrium
  • Horizon Center – atrium
  • iMET Center – atrium
  • Kenosha Campus – Student Commons hallway
  • Kenosha Campus – Bioscience Building atrium
  • Racine Campus – Student Commons

Students and community members may also purchase pre-loaded cards sold at the kiosk stations.

Student printing from personal computer

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Students How To: Access Printing Account Balance Information

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Purchasing a Visitor Printing card

Visitors to campus can purchase a Gateway OneCard from the cash loader kiosks on campus. The first step is to purchase the card at a cost of $1.00 and then use additional funds to add printing credit to the card. The kiosks accept $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills. The machine only accepts bills and does not provide change.

Reporting a lost GatewayOneCard

  1. Report your card as missing by calling 1-877-271-1743
  2. Go to any Student Services Center to obtain a new card. A $5 replacement fee will apply.