Green Print

Printing on Campus

In order to meet increasing demand for printing services, Gateway implemented a low-cost, green print program in Summer 2012. Read more about Green Print and other Sustainable Gateway initiatives.

Each semester, registered students will receive a $10 credit of non-refundable Gateway print points on their Gateway Student ID card. Students will be required to swipe their Gateway Student ID card to release print jobs at any college printer.


  • Single-sided, black & white print or copy:
  • Double-sided, black & white print or copy: 10¢
  • Single-sided, color print or copy: 50¢
  • Double-sided, color print or copy: 75¢

There is no charge for scanning to email. Double-sided printing is the default setting on all print devices.

The $10 credit of Gateway print points will expire the day prior to the start of the next semester. New funds will be added on the first day of the semester.

Students can also add money to their Gateway Student ID card using cash at the cash loader kiosks on campus. Students and community members may also purchase pre-loaded cards sold at the kiosk stations.

For more information, please visit the Gateway Student ID card page.

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Purchasing a Visitor Printing card

Visitors to campus can purchase a Gateway visitor printing card from the cash loader kiosks on campus. The first step is to purchase the card for $1  and then use additional funds to add printing credit to the card. The kiosks accept $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills. The machine only accepts bills and does not provide change.