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Tool and Die Apprentice

Tool and die makers analyze specifications, lay out metal stock, set up and operate machine tools, and fit and assemble parts to make and repair dies, gauges, jigs, fixtures (devices that hold metal while it is shaped, stamped or drilled), gauges, and machinist's hand tools. Die makers construct metal forms (dies) to shape metal in stamping and forging operations.

General Information

Pay Scale: $15.16 - $33.44

Working conditions:

Tool and die makers usually work in tool rooms. These areas are quieter than the production floor because there are fewer machines in use at one time. They wear protective equipment; such as, safety glasses to shield against bits of flying metal and earplugs to protect against noise. They spend much of the day on their feet and may do moderately heavy lifting.

Length of training: 

The program is a five year training program consisting of 10,400 hours of on-the-job training with a minimum of 576 hours of paid related instruction. Additional related instruction may be required. Transition –to-Trainer Course is required in final year of apprenticeship.

Becoming a Tool and Die Apprentice

  • 18 years old.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Physically able to perform trade.
  • Applicants apply directly to participating employers.
  • Entry Requirements vary by employer.

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