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Upskill Your Talent! 

Assessments are a method for evaluating employees’ ability to perform particular skills or tasks. They show a snapshot of current abilities, knowledge and skills. Gateway offers training assessments to employers to help companies know exactly where their employee skill levels lie so that specific training can be developed. These trainings are personalized and designed to close gaps and elevate performance, because one-size-fits-all training often widens the skill gap. Gauging skill and knowledge before training allows curriculum to be targeted, setting up all parties for success. 

Why our assessments are a valuable tool: 

  • Provide information so your company can make informed decisions
  • Identify skill levels and gaps
  • Allow you to schedule workers based on strengths
  • Gives you the base information to build a skills matrix
  • Can be used with current employees or job candidates
  • Instructors have years of industry experience and understand how to prepare assessments that address your needs

Customized Assessments 

We can write assessments precisely for your needs and the equipment in your facility. We partner with a number of testing and certification entities to ensure a variety of assessment topics. We offer assessments in the following areas: 

  • Electromechanical 
  • Electrical principles
  • Welding
  • Maintenance
  • Leadership & supervision
  • Microsoft Office

And many more! Just ask about a topic and we can work together to create a customized snapshot assessment. 

Standardized Assessments 

We offer the following industry-standard assessments as well: 

  • National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3)
  • National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) 
  • Manufacturing Skills Standards Assessments & Certification (MSSC)


  • Assessments can be written, hands-on or both depending on what you’re looking to assess
  • We can schedule your assessments around your company and employee availability (including second/third shifts and weekends)
  • They can be held at your location or a Gateway campus
  • We can use our equipment, your equipment or a combination 

Please note that many companies begin the assessment process by doing an organizational needs assessment to help ensure the overall goals of the business are reflected in the training. Our instructors can work with you to meet your immediate training needs or work with you on a needs assessment for the entire organization.