Residency Qualifications

Gateway determines whether students are eligible for in-state tuition and petition selection per Administrative Code TCS 10.03. This policy applies to all courses, including credit, non-credit, English Language Learner (ELL) and Adult Basic Education (ABE). Residency is based on your permanent legal residence. To qualify for in-state tuition and petition selection, you must demonstrate the intent to permanently reside in Wisconsin. Students who move to or travel to Wisconsin for educational purposes, including students on visas, are presumed to reside outside the state and may not be charged in-state rates until proof of in-state residence is provided through the Residency Determination process.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin/the Gateway district at the beginning of the semester you apply for, you will be considered a resident for admission and fees purposes. If you are a Wisconsin resident with a permanent residence in the Gateway district prior to applying to Gateway, you will be considered a Gateway district resident for admission priority. Prior to the beginning of the semester you apply for, you may petition the district admissions office for a reconsideration of a residence determination based on changed circumstances. You will receive a written decision within 30 days of receipt of the request.

If you’d like to have your residency status reviewed, you should complete the Wisconsin/Gateway Technical College District Residency Verification form at and supply the corresponding supporting documentations. All residency verifications must be done prior to the start of the semester you are planning to attend. If verification is received after the start of the semester, the new residency status will be effective at the start of the next semester.

The full Residency Qualifications policy can be found in the student handbook.