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Mission & Contacts

Business Office Mission

The Business Office is responsible for managing the overall accounting, treasury, financial reporting and financial services operations of Gateway Technical College. This includes managing internal controls to mitigate risk; providing district-wide procurement services in accordance with college procurement policies , preparing and presenting financial reports to internal and external parties, ensuring that the accounting records of the College are timely and accurate; safeguarding the assets of the College to minimize risk of financial loss; and developing and maintaining financial systems and reporting tools to provide high-quality financial information that supports the College's Mission, Value, Vision and strategic management initiatives.

Business Office Value Statements

We preserve the integrity of the accounting and reporting records through the diligent and thorough application of pertinent laws, regulations and policies; through the accurate and timely completion of assigned tasks; and through the appropriate documentation of transactions.

We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and take pride in our work.
We understand and commit fully to our responsibilities.

We are committed to openly sharing information with others, effectively expressing our ideas and actively striving to understand the ideas of others.

Customer Service
We serve our customers by performing our tasks in a timely, consistent and accurate manner. When interfacing with our customers, we are polite, friendly, professional and efficient. When situations require, we take initiative and proactively address customers' needs.

We work together to achieve our individual and common goals. We share knowledge, encourage and support each other, and respect individual differences.  We value the individual strengths of our team and the customers we serve.

Business Office Functional Directory

Life is Big. Be Prepared.