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Program Options

Green Citizen: consuming and contributing sustainably

The Green Citizen program is great for students who like to think critically and creatively, with activities for active participants. The students will get a tour of the Center for Sustainable Living, learn about greenwashing practices and spot greenwashing in actual advertisements, consider the sustainability of their community, and explore ways sustainability can be a part of many different careers. After learning about sustainability, students can design what they see as the ideal sustainable company. A scavenger hunt around the Center will help keep students engaged. Students will be able to find a place for sustainability in any area of their life and will be aware of what true sustainability is.

Idea for high school students, available year-round, 2.5-3 hours long.

Following Food: discovering the energy use and environmental impacts of our food

The Following Food program begins with a tour of the Center for Sustainable Living, and focuses on the energy and water inputs in our food system. Students will explore the water used to create different types of food, examine food packaging and consider the pros and cons of each type of package, follow a component of their lunch from production to consumption, learn about seasonal foods through a recipe activity, and tour the gardens. Students will have an appreciation for the food they eat and will leave being able to make more informed food decisions.

Ideal for elementary, middle and high school students, available year-round, 2.5 hours long.

Birds and Beasts: how sustainability impacts the creatures around us

The Birds and Beasts program focuses on outdoor activities, making it great for active and energetic students. After touring the Center for Sustainable Living, students will create a Great Lakes food web and will consider the impacts of pollutants and interferences on different parts of the web, learning about the importance of diversity. A nature walk focusing on birds or an ecosystem activity will get students out into the woods and enjoying nature. Wrapping up with discussion about our impact on ecosystems or a learning session on birds, students will come away with an awareness of how their lives are connected to nature.

Ideal for elementary and middle school students, available May-October, 2.5 hours long.