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Electrical Engineering Technology - Sustainable Energy Systems

Help reduce the need for fossil fuels by obtaining an Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) – Sustainable Energy Systems degree at Gateway Technical College.

Associate degree students learn the foundation of “green” electrical systems. They can perform system maintenance and repair of Solar Photovoltaic systems. These renewable energy systems use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

EET- Sustainable Energy Systems’ program curriculum focuses on an experience-building learning style. Hands-on lab-based learning is incorporated into all course work. Study areas include AC/DC principles, transistor operation, digital circuits, microprocessors, optoelectronics, communications and industrial electronics.

Three sustainable energy engineering classes are offered on the Kenosha Campus. Each course covers in-depth application and learning of alternatives to fossil fuels. In the final semester students will complete a capstone project where they will install a solar photovoltaic system.

The program also offers a set of “self-paced courses” during day and evening blocks of time. Students taking these courses can set their own schedule but the course must be completed by the end of the semester and can also be finished early if the student completes the required material.

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