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Tameka Bogguess

Tameka Bogguess embraced the opportunity to seek a college degree, providing a way for her to enter a different career and enter higher education, an effort for which she always planned to pursue.

While in the final semester of earning her Human Services degree, she enrolled in a required program course she believed she would be unable to pass. Even though she had consistently made the dean’s list every semester, Tameka still felt so overwhelmed that she pondered withdrawing from the program.

Due to the help she received from the Multicultural program, though, she will soon enter a career field she says she was born to be in.

“I know for a fact I would not have passed that math class,” Tameka says. “It is not my subject at all.”

The program found a tutor to work with Tameka – and she found success.

“She helped me turn around my grades – I could not have finished the requirements for my program without the Multicultural Program and the tutors it provided me,” says Tameka. “I passed the course and can graduate.”

Tameka believes in the program so strongly that she now works for it as lead peer advocate on the Racine Campus, advising others of its benefits while she gains experience for the career she will soon enter. She touts the program’s ability to help students with job seeking skills such as mock interviews, leadership training, resume building workshops and general career advice.

Tameka worked in the retail industry and was seeking a different career when she enrolled at Gateway. She points out that she had always intended on going to college, but was married early and didn’t have the chance. When the opportunity presented itself, she came to Gateway.

She began in the Early Childhood Education program but believed it wasn’t the perfect career fit for her. After working with her counselor, she enrolled in the Human Services program and has loved it since.

While she sought the support of the Multicultural program late in her Gateway career, she says anyone – at any time in their college career – can benefit from it.

“The program has been a blessing,” says Tameka. “It has helped me greatly.”

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