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Shauna Langenfeld

Shauna Langenfield Barber Cosmetologist TestimonialShauna Langenfeld is currently employed as a stylist in Racine. She credits her success to the extensive education provided by Gateway’s Barber/Cosmetologist technical diploma program.

“We learn the science of hair and to support other typical salon treatments. We learn how to do the work itself as well as be creative, and we learn a lot about professionalism.”

“Being a stylist is not really work for me. I love what I do. I love people. I believe that’s a must for anyone in this field. You need to put your heart into it—to enjoy the people and to enjoy the creativity. Sometimes you get a difficult client. Gateway’s instructors spend time helping us find creative solutions to customer service issues.”

“Above all, you need to be doing the job right. The Gateway program prepares students with the technical skills for every type of salon job—it’s up to you to make some decisions about the direction you will likely take and focus the rest of your classes in that area. From the Gateway program, you can perform manicures, do makeup, perform a variety of skin treatments, and, of course, style, cut, and color hair.”

“The Gateway faculty does a phenomenal job of keeping us updated on the latest trends and techniques. We couldn’t ask for better technical and emotional skills than those they bring to the classroom and to the 5th Floor Salon, where we practice on real people what we learned in the classroom on mannequins.”

“I found the Gateway Barber/Cosmetologist program convenient and affordable. I chose the program because of graduates’ reviews and was very pleased with my choice and success. The instructors and fellow students all became friends and we’ve remained in touch after graduation.”

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