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Natalie Stigdon

Promise allows student to afford college, pursue dream

Natalie StigdonNatalie Stigdon always wanted to go to college but didn’t think she would be able to do so for many years.

The 2017 high school graduate says she was unable to save enough money for tuition and didn’t believe other options would allow her to attend college.

That is, until she was admitted into the Gateway Technical College Promise program. Natalie is now a second-semester Nursing student with dreams of becoming a trauma nurse or midwife.

“I thought I lost the opportunity because I scored a 15 on the ACT – and needed a 16,” says Natalie. “The Promise program was a goal for me, so I studied and retook my ACT – and scored a 17. Gateway called me up and said congratulations, I was the first in my high school to be in the program.

“I called my mom to tell her. She was crying. I was crying. It was a great moment.”

Natalie earned solid marks in her classes in her first semester, helped by quality instructors and tutoring offered by Gateway. She’s looking forward to continuing her college education and becoming a nurse, a goal she’s had for years.

“My parents didn’t have that opportunity to go to college. I wanted to prove that I could go to college and set a really good example for my little brothers. I wanted to show them that it’s possible. Mom and Dad didn’t get to go – but your older sister can.

“I wouldn’t have been able to come to college now without the Promise program. College is pretty cool – I love it.”