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Makayla Jacob

Promise student looks forward to now being able to reach career goals

Makayla JacobMakayla Jacob started taking Gateway courses in high school.

Through the Gateway Promise program, she’s now able to take them in college, as well.

“The Promise program has impacted me greatly,” says Makayla. “I wouldn’t have had the money to go to college otherwise.”

Makayla, a Nursing student, became interested in becoming a nurse at age 6 because her grandmother was an LPN. She started taking the tuition-free Gateway certified nursing assistant courses offered at her high school and pondered how she could continue at the college.

That’s when the Promise program provided her the means to continue her career goals.

“Without the Promise, I probably would have just stayed at my job and not gone to college. I am saving up for a car right now, and all my money probably would have gone toward the car bill, the phone bill. 

“Now, I can still save up for those things and go to college – and I can gain so much more money after college because of my degree and my career.”
Makayla says the tutoring offered through the Promise program has helped her, as well as instructors and program administrators. The summer “bridge” program, where program students learn about the college’s student resources, helped her, too. “That made me more comfortable with college and less anxious,” she says.

She’s happy to be in college, a goal she’s had since high school.

“I chose college because I knew it led to more. College helps you further what you have,” says Makayla. “I’m happy and thankful for this opportunity given to me by the Gateway Promise.”