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Lila Bitar

Lila Bitar dreamed of making her life better for herself and her family. Gateway Technical College provided her the opportunity – and the college’s Multicultural Program is helping make it a reality.

Lila says program provided the means for her to work with tutors who assisted her with her two hardest courses. Those courses were are also two of the more important to completing her Accounting degree. She was also able to meet with tutors during the times most convenient to her – which fluctuated week to week for this single mom of three.

“There were times the regular tutors were not there because of my schedule. I had to take care of my son – who is autistic – and I took care of my dad, too. Program staff members asked me what I needed, and I said I needed tutoring for some very challenging classes.

“They offer it when I am available, and this works great for me. I’m doing well in those classes.”

Before enrolling at Gateway, Lila worked two jobs she liked, but the pay, part-time hours, lack of advancement opportunities and benefits fell short of what she needed for herself and family. After 30 years away from the classroom, she knew she needed education to give her the tools to meet her needs.

She chose Accounting and plans to earn her degree by December 2013. The Multicultural Program has helped her through talking with her regularly and working on helping her to connect with what she needs to succeed academically.

“That’s the best part of this program. They ask me what I need to help me earn my degree, and then they work with me to solve those issues. They work one-on-one with me to help me to get what I need to be successful.”

Lila does have one regret about the program, though – she wishes she would have found out about it sooner in her education.

“I tell people, even if you’re halfway into your degree, it’s not too late to be in the program – I’m grateful for the help I have now, and am looking forward to other classes, too.”

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