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Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason loves computers, video games and reading about the video game industry – and loves the fact that Gateway has combined all three into a writing course.

Games and Culture (course number 801-176) requires students to play video games – that’s correct, requires – and then examine and analyze the games through writing blogs, essays and other forms of composition.

“What other class do you take where your homework is playing video games?” says Kelly. “There is no other class like it. It’s exciting – you are learning how to write and blog, but you still play video games. It’s fun.”

Kelly says she’s honed her writing skills through the course, as well as something else – her knowledge of the video game industry. She is an IT Software Developer student and says she’s learned a lot about the industry from the required reading of industry articles that are part of the homework.

“We read articles from game designers and then we write about how we can apply that to everyday life,” she says. “The games and articles we read have made me more interested in writing. I wasn’t that interested before – now I can’t wait to write.”

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