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Greg Kiriaki

Greg Kiriaki knew he had to earn a degree to give stability to his future. While there were times following the years after graduating high school when he made good money working construction, the ebb and flow of the economy also meant there were times he was out of work.

He turned to Gateway to earn a degree in business, a field that has always interested him. He chose Gateway based on reputation, affordability and because it was near his home. He had become invested in his community and wanted to stay here to learn and live.

One course away from graduating at Gateway in Business Management in Fall 2013, Greg now seeks to continue his education. He still wants reputation, affordability, a college that will recognize the credits he’s earned and is close to the home and community he’s become even more invested in.

He’s turning to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, due, in part, to the recent business transfer agreement forged between the four-year university and Gateway.

“We can transfer anywhere from 56 to 62 credits. The transfer saves us a decent amount of money and taking two years at Gateway and then two years at UW-Parkside is a great way to get a four-year education.

“This presents a better opportunity to obtain the four-year degree. Plus, it’s close to where I live. My family lives here, I coach and am part of a competitive powerlifting team. There are quite a few reasons why I don’t want to leave this area and would rather earn my degree close to home.”

Greg wants to earn a business degree from UW-Parkside.

“I like business. Even when I was working construction, I was always interested in the business side of things. It’s been one of the few topics that has really grabbed my interest.”

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