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Emily Lindl

Flight attendant turns to Gateway to forge new career

Emily LindlEmily Lindl worked as a flight attendant for a decade before her job was outsourced and she found herself laid off and looking for a new career. She sought training she could complete quickly, yet with enough credentials to help her successfully land a job.

She chose a career quite different than the one she had held – welding. After earning two Gateway diplomas, her outlook was quite different than the one she left, as well – her new career is in an in-demand field that appears to continue to be strong for years to come.

Gateway’s diversified training, strong instructors and a framework to succeed independently equipped Emily to land a job as a welder at a Milwaukee firm with the possibilities of advancement in position and pay.

“Gateway helped me get on my feet,” says Emily. “It was a tough situation, but when I was at Gateway, I always felt like l was working toward a goal. The training and advice given to me by my instructors gave me the confidence that everything would be OK and I would be able to enter my career after graduation. That’s exactly what happened.”

Because Emily’s job was outsourced, she was eligible for federal education funding to train her for another career. She chose one which allowed her to work with her hands but also get dirty sometimes -- different than her days as an attendant.

“I didn’t want to sit behind a desk,” she says. “I like welding because it allows you to build things, and it is a trade – a field in which I felt I could continually advance, and one that would be in-demand for years to come.”

Emily said Gateway’s instructors provided excellent training and equipped her to perform a number of different welding processes – which increased the number of positions she qualified for upon graduation.

“I knew a lot of other graduates who went to Gateway as long as I did, who got different types of jobs,” says Emily. “Gateway trains you to be qualified to enter a number of different jobs, and instructors were very helpful in guiding you to see the opportunities available to you.”

Emily also says the instructors, while ready and willing to provide direction, also allowed her to work and problem solve independently. “That helped me because when you get out there on your own, there isn’t always someone right there to help you out,” says Emily. “I felt more comfortable when I entered the workforce because I had learned and done many of the processes independently.”

Being taught by qualified Steamfitter instructors how to weld properly from her first day at Gateway meant Emily didn’t have to be “re-taught and relearn” by her current employer.

“Because I was taught by a licensed instructor, I don’t have to relearn anything – I am just adding to the skills I’ve already gained,” says Emily. “I felt confident, because of my training, I would be able to walk in to most positions and be able to do the job.”

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