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Chris Pritzl

Chris Pritzl had been working in Facilities Maintenance positions for years and felt as though he was doing just fine. But when Gateway began its Facilities Maintenance technical diploma program, Chris enrolled.

“I have gained so much knowledge with this program. Now I KNOW that I am doing things the right way…the safe way,” says Chris.

Safety is very important to Chris and to his employer, Sacred Heart church and school in Racine. “Safety for the children is absolutely paramount to our organization. I have much greater confidence that the decisions and repairs I make will ensure that safety,” says Chris.

Chris’ previous job concentrated more on residential facilities issues. “Because my knowledge base, through the Facilities Maintenance courses, in electrical systems and boilers had greatly expanded beyond the residential, I was able to secure this position at Sacred Heart,” Chris points out.

“The real benefits are in knowing how to do things the correct way and knowing your own limitations. There are several people in my class who work in facilities maintenance positions. They have found that they are now able to see where things have been repaired or constructed the wrong way and are able to fix that to prevent problems,” explains Chris.

“Now I know what I can fix safely and correctly and when I need to call in a specialist. And, when I do have to call someone in, I’m saving the school money because I can accurately diagnose or at least describe the problem,” says Chris.

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