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Amanda Scharninghausen

Amanda Scharninghausen Physical Therapist Assistant TestimonialGateway graduate’s work pays off in new career

The payoff for Gateway Technical College graduate Amanda Scharninghausen was well worth her effort.

Although as a single mom, Scharninghausen could only attend college part-time – but she put herself on a plan to graduate from Gateway in three years. She says she received great support and encouragement from her counselors and instructors who helped her succeed.

“It was hard, but my family motivated me. At Gateway, my counselors and instructors really motivated me.

“There were a lot of times when I wondered whether I was smart enough and whether I could do this. Gateway staff members always offered encouraging words. They said I would do it, that I could do it and that I will be able to do it.”

Scharninghausen says Gateway’s hands-on instructional methods provided her with her perfect learning environment. Tests were tough, but instructors showed her different ways to approach them to best reflect the knowledge she possessed.

Hands-on experience in work-related situations, backing up what was learned in the classroom, gave Scharninghausen the cornerstone on which to build the great foundation for her career.

“We were able to get that experience, interact with patients and children to help us see what we might be interested in,” Scharninghausen says.

Scharninghausen’s work has paid off – she’s entered her chosen career and says she is more financially stable now because of it than she was prior to Gateway.

“This is such a positive thing in my life,” says Scharninghausen. “It’s great to be here and able to say that I graduated and I am a physical therapist assistant.

“Gateway helped me succeed. They give you a good, solid education and they are there to help you succeed.”