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Alma Solorio

Alma Solorio Accounting TestimonialFlexibility, resources help Gateway student enter program Graduate says on-demand format key to her degree

Alma Solorio says the scheduling and coursework flexibility of Gateway’s Accounting On-Demand program has allowed her, as a full-time mother with a full-time job, to earn her degree – something that otherwise would have been out of reach.

The mother of two young children held down a full-time second-shift job and took her courses the only time she could -- in the late evening and early morning hours and whenever else she could fit it in, making Gateway her 24-hour college.

Gateway’s online program and accounting instructors provided Alma with the training needed to successfully enter her career in accounting and a boost of self-confidence that will help her to tackle any issue in the future.

“Gateway has given me everything,” says Alma. “I now have the confidence and feel I am prepared to do whatever’s asked of me in my career. I am starting a new beginning in my life.”

Alma says the On-Demand format greatly benefits single and working mothers who have no time during the day or early evening to go to an on-campus class, but are still seeking ways to earn their degree.

“If it weren’t for On-Demand Accounting and online programs, there would be no opportunities for us mothers who work full time to go to college,” she says. “I always wanted a career – I didn’t realize until Gateway that there were programs flexible enough for those of us with such tight schedules.”

Alma says On-Demand Accounting instructors work hard to answer e-mail questions and concerns quickly and use many different methods to make sure their students comprehend the material.

“People tried to discourage me from going. They said ‘you don’t have enough time’ or ‘what are you going to do about your kids and your job?’

“I said to myself, I can make it work with the online classes. And it worked out great – I fit them into my schedule when I can.”

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