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Adam Jacobson

Adam Jacobson Automated Manufacturing TestimonialGraduate uses skills he learned at Gateway in job at same time

Adam Jacobson, an Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology graduate, says the skills he learned at Gateway translated perfectly into the working world and his instructors guided him to land that first job in his career field – before he ever graduated from the program.

“The two worked hand-in-hand,” says Adam. “I would work on a project at the college, then work on it at my job. I really thought I was better able to understand my material and the work. I received a better education and it made me a better employee then, as well as now.”

The skills he gained through that experience opened doors for his current career at Rose Polymer Composite in Milwaukee.

Adam’s instructors were approached by a local business owners seeking Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology students for his company – and they suggested Adam. The result is Gateway helped put him on a career path that is growing and exciting, with room for advancement.

“I would not be where I am without Gateway,” says Adam.

Adam says he benefited greatly from Gateway’s affordable tuition, flexible class schedule and diversity of class options. “That was something that helped me out a lot, because I was working full time while I attended Gateway,” says Adam.

Adam says the program prepared him for the skills he needs in his career. “The foundation of learning you get at Gateway gives you many options for how you enter your career,” says Adam. “The same exact things I learned at Gateway I used at my former position, and (I) use what I learned today.

“I was happy that the degree gave you a lot of basics in many areas, which opens up the number of possible jobs for which you can apply.”

Industry-savvy Gateway instructors know what will be required of workers in the field, Adam says, which also is a strength of the program.

“They brought their experience into the classroom,” says Adam. “They weren’t professors without any work experience telling you how things would be in your career because they said so. Gateway instructors told us what to expect in the field because they had been there.”

Adam says the advanced technology required of robotics and advanced manufacturing are what drew him to the career field when he applied to Gateway directly out of high school. “It’s cool to see the robots, to see that everything has a purpose,” he says. “You feel like you are on the cutting edge of technology.”

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