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Student Due Process Rights

Academic Concerns


The Gateway District believes that students need a process to address academic concerns (i.e. grades/classroom policies) and bring their issues to the faculty and administration’s attention. These procedures are intended to afford students, faculty, and the College fair and equal treatment. The student may seek guidance from a Student Services counselor who will assist the student in understanding the process. All complaints must be filed within one (1) year of occurrence.


Step 1: The student should first address a concern to the instructor. Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve the issue within the first thirty (30) days of the incident, through informal discussion with the appropriate faculty member.

Step 2: If the concern remains unresolved, the student must prepare and submit written documentation to the immediate supervisor or designee of the faculty member which identifies the specific concerns and desired outcomes. The supervisor will share the written complaint with the faculty member and request a written response. The supervisor will meet with the student and the instructor and respond, in writing. This may serve as Step 1 in certain circumstances.

Step 3: If the concern remains unresolved, the student may appeal to the executive vice president/provost by sending a copy of the written complaint, and the supervisor’s response to the executive vice president/provost. The supervisor will submit a copy of the faculty member’s response to the executive vice president/provost. These documents must be presented to the executive vice president/provost within fourteen (14) working days of the supervisor’s decision. If it is determined that a review is appropriate, an appeals committee will be assigned to hear the concern within seven (7) working days of the request.

The appeals committee selection is as follows:
The executive vice president/provost selects the following four (4) people: one (1) chairperson who will be an administrator, and three (3) faculty/staff members.

  • The Campus Student Government Association will select two (2) students from outside the student complainant’s program area.
  • The student complainant will select one (1) peer from his/her program area.

The committee will make a recommendation to the executive vice president/provost who will make a decision within five (5) working days of the committee hearing. The decision of the executive vice president/provost is final.

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