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Graduation Policies

Graduation Requirements

The Gateway Technical College District has procedures that govern the graduation requirements for Technical Diploma, Associate Degree Programs and Advanced Technical Certificates. In order to graduate, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All the course requirements on the official curriculum sheet must be completed successfully. Any course substitutions must be approved and documented on your student record.
  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of the program credits must be earned at Gateway. Courses which were completed by the advanced standing process are not counted as credits earned at Gateway.
  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of the major course credits designated with an asterisk (*) on the curriculum sheet must be earned at Gateway. Courses which were completed by the advanced standing process are not counted as credits earned at Gateway.
  • The following grade point average (GPA) requirements must be met:
    • Program GPA of 2.000 is required to graduate (2.000 on a four-point grading scale is a C).
    • Major GPA of 2.000 is required.
  • Some programs require a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in some courses; verify these requirements by reviewing your curriculum sheet.
  • Individual programs may have additional requirements to meet accrediting agency requirements. Refer to the program curriculum sheet for additional graduation and grade point requirements.
  • All student financial obligations must be met before certificates, diplomas, degrees, advanced technical certificates, and transcripts are released.
  • It is your responsibility to check your degree audit [link to degree audit] and/or transcripts prior to your last semester of study to ensure that all the requirements for graduation will be met. All requirements must be completed by the last day of the semester, including removal of incomplete grades and submission of transcripts with transfer credits.

Adult High School Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Adult High School program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Seventeen units of credit are presently required for completion of the Adult High School Program (9th through 12th grade).

    English - 4 units
    U.S. History - 1 units
    Mathematics - 1.5 units
    Science - 1.5 units
    Social Studies - 1 units
    Electives - 8 units

    *Students who attend Kenosha Unified school district should contact the Adult High School Academic Advisor on the Kenosha campus for additional graduation requirements.

  • You must attend at least one semester of a graded class at Gateway in order to receive the Adult High School Diploma. Information concerning which classes are suitable for this credit may be obtained from your Adult High School Academic Advisor.

Computation of GPA for Graduation

Cumulative GPA

  • All associate degree and technical diploma level courses that you have taken at Gateway are used to calculate this GPA.
  • General College, precollege, and pretechnical are developmental and/or remedial classes and do not count toward graduation, nor are they used in GPA calculations.
  • This GPA appears on your transcript and program degree audit.

Program GPA

  • All courses on the program curriculum sheet are used to calculate this GPA.
  • This GPA is used to determine graduation honors.
  • This GPA may also be used to determine other department or campus awards.

Major GPA

  • All courses that are designated with an asterisk (*) on the program curriculum sheet are used to calculate this GPA.
  • This GPA is used to determine if the minimum GPA requirement has been met for these selected courses.
  • This GPA may also be used to determine other department or campus awards.

Application for Graduation

Gateway has three (3) graduation dates each year. The graduation dates are the last day of classes of the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters. You will graduate on the next available graduation date after you have applied for graduation and have met all program requirements. If you plan to receive a degree or diploma you must submit an Application for Graduation form to any Student Services Center by the filing deadline.

The filing deadline dates are:

  • Summer Graduation – July 31
  • Fall Graduation – November 1
  • Spring Graduation – March 31

If you apply for graduation after the deadline, you will be assigned to the next graduation date. If you applied to graduate but fail to meet the requirements, you must submit a new application to graduate indicating which semester you intend to graduate.

Graduation with Honors

There are three categories of Honors Graduates for students who complete an Associate Degree or Technical Diploma.  Two of them are Grade Point Average (GPA) driven. 

  • District Honors: 3.750 - 3.899
  • President’s Honors: 3.900 - 4.000

Provost's Honors graduates are students who receive honors ceredit for 12 or more credits in their program. Provost's Honors graduates must complete a contract with their instructor for a special learning project that will elevate their courwork to a Provost's Honors level.

Honors for purposes of the graduation ceremony are determined by your program GPA using grades posted to the transcript on or before April 1 for the May graduation ceremony and November 1 for the December graduation ceremony. Your final program GPA is used to determine official honors status which will be recorded on your transcript. The appropriate honor seal is attached to the diploma/degree after final graduation verification. The program GPA listed on the program degree audit is the official GPA used to determine honors. Grade point averages are not rounded.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremonies, held in December and May, are a special recognition of your scholastic achievements at Gateway. They are formal cap and gown ceremonies and all graduates are encouraged to participate and be recognized. Your name will appear in the official program and potential honors designation will be acknowledged at the ceremony only if an Application for Graduation form is on file with Student Services by November 1 for the December ceremony and March 31 for the May ceremony. All potential graduates and confirmed graduates are notified in mid-November and mid-April of graduation ceremony details.

Guaranteed Retraining

Graduates may be eligible for up to six additional credits of free retraining if their employer certifies that they lack certain skills or if you has been unable to secure employment. Questions regarding retraining available under this policy should be directed to the Institutional Effectiveness/Student Success office.