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Advising Appointment Tips

To make the most of your time with your advisor, it is essential for you to prepare for your appointment and be prompt.

  • Find your academic advisor. To find your advisor, visit WebAdvisor and select “My Profile” from the Student > Academic Profile menu. Your advisor’s name is listed at the bottom of the “My Profile” page. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor well in advance of your registration date. Your registration date is located in WebAdvisor, this could be found under the Registration heading.
  • Review the semester schedule of courses on WebAdvisor and the curriculum sheet for your program; this will help you have an idea of what courses you would like to take for the upcoming semester.
  • Write down a list of questions to ask your academic advisor. These can be questions about the current or future semester, additional programs, certificates, petitioning processes, and additional advising resources. (See sample questions you may ask your advisor)
  • Print a copy of your Program Evaluation/Degree Audit/Graduation Audit from WebAdvisor, this can be found under the Academic Profile heading. Do not worry if you do not know how to evaluate your degree audit, your academic advisor will help you with this process.
  • Assess how the current semester is working for you. Do you like your current schedule? Are you taking a comfortable amount of credits? How much are you working and spending time with your family? Do you have enough study time built into your day? The answers to these questions can help you and your advisor prepare the best schedule for the upcoming semester.
  • If you have questions about Financial Aid or your student account, contact a Student Finance Specialist for information about your account prior to your registration date. You may schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-247-7122.
  • Let your academic advisor know your goals!

Life is Big. Be Prepared.