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Arboriculture/Urban Forestry Technician

Do you prefer to work outdoors? Don’t like being confined to an office?

If so, Gateway’s Arboriculture/Urban Forestry Technician Degree program is the one for you. Almost all the work is conducted outside, working with a variety of tools and machinery. And, if you choose to climb trees, you can have your very own natural “office” with a view every day.

Gateway’s Arboriculture/Urban Forestry Technician associate degree provides the hands-on skills and natural resource education for graduates to enter this exciting career field of arborists, urban foresters and related occupations. It offers family-sustaining wages and year-round work with private, corporate or government landowners.

Gateway is only one of two technical colleges in Wisconsin to offer an associates degree in this field.

Students will learn how to climb trees and use associated manual and technical equipment, on Gateway’s Kenosha Campus and surrounding areas. Along with insights into Urban Forestry, students will learn skills to become an arborist, urban forester or a professional who handles many aspects of caring for trees and removing unhealthy or unsafe trees. Those in this industry also are trained to be consultants, plant health care experts and inventory managers.

Gateway offers a pesticide applicator course which further boosts a graduate’s ability to enter their career and succeed.