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Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology

Program Requirements: 

If you enjoy working with your hands, fixing machines and working with robots, the Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology associate degree program at Gateway Technical College is a great fit for you. This two-year program will train technicians to work in factories with high levels of manufacturing automation as they repair and program automated systems. The program is offered at both the Elkhorn and Kenosha Campuses, where students have access to the latest automation technologies including Fanuc robotics and Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human machine interfaces. Students will also benefit from program instructors who each have at least 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Core courses include hands-on training with up-to-date technology, right from the start. Within just three weeks of class students will be programming Fanuc robots, wiring pushbuttons to lights and relays and making air cylinders extend and retract with electricity. Students will progress to more advanced projects like programming stop lights, having robots build and manipulate items and building and programming a flexible manufacturing cell.

What does a maintenance technician do?

Gateway’s Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology degree program is designed around the changing skills demanded by area manufacturers. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce in in-demand careers. As manufacturing becomes more efficient, the demand for skilled labor increases.

A career in automated manufacturing is great for people who like to work with their hands. On the job, graduates will experience new challenges every day, finding ways to solve problems and fix machines. Maintenance technicians will be the first line for getting machines up and running. As employees advance to possible management positions, they will have the background needed to keep the plant running.

Graduates of the program can expect to work as a maintenance technician at an automated manufacturing facility. Some of the job titles might include maintenance technician, service engineer, robot programmer, CNC programmer and PLC programmer.

Learning by doing

The Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology degree program is a hands-on program. Within just three weeks of class, students will be in the lab building the basics. Core classes are self-paced as students are assigned lab projects that are to be completed by the end of the semester. Self-paced courses allow for students to complete the assigned projects independently. Several open lab times are available so students can work around their schedule to complete projects.

In each class, students will work with automation equipment that they will see on the job. Some of the state-of-the-art equipment at Gateway includes; Fanuc robotics, Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers and human machine interfaces, three phase motors, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills and lathes.

Gateway has relationships with a number of local companies, which offer field trips, guest speakers and internships. Some of these companies include; Scot Forge, Titan, Advanced Technology Services (ATS), Borg Indak and SC Johnson Wax. Students will also attend the International Machine and Technology Show in Chicago, IL. These experiences give students the opportunity to see actual factories and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Job and salary outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of industrial engineering technicians is expected to grow throughout the decade. The median annual salary of industrial engineering technicians was $50,980 in 2014.



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