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General Studies Transfer Certificate UW-Parkside

The purpose of the transfer agreement (1+3 Consortium Agreement) is to provide a seamless transfer process for Gateway Technical College students who desire to continue their education at UW-Parkside.

By completing all of the 1+3 Consortium Agreement requirements (outlined below), participating students will be admitted to Gateway’s General Studies Transfer Certificate and will be conditionally admitted to UW-Parkside. Students must complete the General Studies Transfer Certificate with a 2.0 cumulative GPA prior to being fully admitted to UW-Parkside. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate fulfillment of formal requirements for full admission to UW-Parkside.

Student Steps

All * items submitted to Gateway Technical College

  • Complete Gateway Application for Admission (program code 90-800-2Z)*
  • Take the COMPASS (test fee is $15) or submit ACT/SAT test scores*
  • Submit an official high school or GED/HSED transcript, verifying receipt of credential*
  • Submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities*
  • Post-secondary 2.0 cumulative GPA or Advisor Consent
  • Submit Gateway & UW-Parkside 1+3 Consortium Agreement Form*
  • Submit Gateway & UW-Parkside 1+3 Statement of Educational Intent Form*
  • Apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA (use UW-Parkside School Code – 005015)
  • Meet with a Gateway Academic Advisor to develop an academic plan
  • Review the FAQ here
Gateway Technical College Courses   UW-Parkside Equivalents
Courses Fulfilling Degree Requirements
I. Composition (3 credits)*
English Composition I (801-136) 3 ENGLS 101 Composition and Reading
II. Mathematics (3-5 credits)*
College Technical Math 1A (804-113)
College Technical Math 1 (804-115)
College Mathematics (804-107) **  




MATH 111 College Algebra I

MATH 112 College Algebra II

MATH 102 Survey of Mathematics

Ill. Natural Science (8-12- Credits) NOTE: 12 credits required for graduation at UW-Parkside
General Biology (806-114) 4 BIOS 100 Nature of Life
General Chemistry (806-134) 4 CHEM 100 The World of Chemistry
General Physics (806-154) 4 PHYS 105 College Physics
Principles of Sustainability (806-112) 3 1NSE General Education Requirement
IV. Humanities (6-9 Credits) NOTE: 12 credits required for graduation at UW-Parkside
Ethics: Theory & Applications, Intro to (809-166) 3 PHIL 206 Intro to Ethics
Speech (801-198) 3 SPCH 105 Public Speaking
Art History (304-118) 3 1HUA General Education Requirement
V .Social Science (6-12 Credits) (NOTE: 12 credits required for graduation at UW-Parkside)
Diversity Studies, Introduction to (809-172)  3 ISSD-DV Ethnic Studies Elective, 
satisfies diversity requirement 
Psychology, Introduction to (809-198) 3 PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
Sociology, Introduction to (809-196)  3 SOCA Intro to Sociology
Microeconomics (809-143) 3 ECON 120 Principles of Microeconomics
Macroeconomics (809-144) 3 ECON 121 Principles of Macroeconomics
Economics (809-195) 3 ECON 101 The American Economy
Criminal Justice, Introduction to  (504-900) 3 CRMJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Marriage and Family (809-128) 3 SOCA 207 Marriage and Family
VI. Foreign Language
 SPA I:  First Semester Spanish (802-124) 4 SPAN 103 Intro to Spanish I
 SPA II:  Second Semester Spanish ( 802-125) 4 SPAN 104 Intro to Spanish II
Total Credits Required: 30 Total Credits Accepted: 30

**This course will not meet the math graduation requirement for all majors. Students are encouraged to consult with a Parkside advisor prior to registering for this course. 

*Students who place into developmental English, Reading and Math courses must complete additional courses at Gateway to satisfy the agreement. Developmental courses taken to aid in completing this certificate are financial aid eligible, but the credits do not fulfill graduation requirements. Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA to maintain participation in the program.

College Writing, Intro  ( 831-103)


ENGL 100 Fundamentals of English


College Writing, Intro ( 831-103) and  Reading & Study Skills, Intro (838-105)


ENGL 100 Fundamentals of English


Pre-algebra (834-109)


Math 010 Essential Math Skills


Elementary Algebra with Applications (834-110)


Math 015 Elementary Algebra


The Gateway and UW-P 1+3 Consortium Agreement is valid while the student is active in the Gateway certificate program. The Gateway and UW-P 1+3 Consortium Agreement allows students to receive financial aid from UW-P for their Gateway portion of the 1+3 program.

In certain circumstances federal regulations allow a degree-seeking student to receive Federal Student Financial Aid from the home institution* while studying at a ‘visiting’ institution; this is referred to as a consortium agreement.

In this case, UW-P is the home institution, since the degree will be earned at UW-P and Gateway is the ‘visiting institution.’

It is illegal to receive financial aid from more than one institution for the same period of attendance.

To be considered for the 1+3 consortium agreement, the student must complete the following:

What happens after my consortium documents are received?

  1. Once the consortium documents have been received the UW-P Office of Admissions-New Student Services will conditionally admit you to UW-P and, if you are a financial aid student, the UW-P Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will be able to complete your financial aid award.
  2. Your financial aid refund will be disbursed once Gateway sends UW-P verification of enrollment. Enrollment verification will happen after Gateway’s Census Date, which is the 10th calendar day of the semester. You must be registered and attending classes prior to Gateway’s census date to be considered eligible for financial aid. Census date information can be found at
  3. Your financial aid refund will go on your Ranger Choice Card. Your Ranger Choice card will need to be activated in order for you to receive the refund. For instructions on how to activate your Ranger Choice card visit: If you wish to have your refund forwarded to another bank account, you may do so online once you activate your card.
  4. UW-P does not pay any tuition and/or fees to Gateway. All Gateway charges are your responsibility. You can pay Gateway via WebAdvisor or at any Student Services Center. Students with debts will be unable to access future services including transcripts or future enrollment.
  5. UW-P’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will frequently verify with Gateway your current credit hours. If there is any change in your enrollment, your financial aid might be adjusted to reflect the change and you might owe aid back to UW-P.