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Gateway has implemented a new password management system for staff called “My Password." This system is for staff/faculty to change their GTC password, reset it if it’s forgotten or to unlock their account using a series of security questions.

This document will cover setting up your security questions as well as resetting/changing your password.

Common Staff/Faculty Credentials

Staff and faculty commonly have at least 3-4 combinations of usernames/passwords.

  1. Network Login (LastnameFirstinitial)
  2. ID Number Login
  3. Google Apps Login (Staff Gmail)
  4. Colleague login

The Information Technology depart is implementing changes to simply the number of id’s that staff and faculty needs to use to login to various systems.

After January 11th staff and faculty should login as follows.

Network login (LastnameFirstinitial)

Change this password using the MyPassword system.

  • Logging into your Gateway computer
  • ImageNow
  • VDI
  • VPN
  • Blackboard (using new staff login link)
  • Google Apps
  • Web EMS
  • Printing
  • Wireless access

ID Number Login

Change this password using Webadvisor.
*Staff should no longer use this login for Blackboard or

  • Webadvisor
  • GoSignMeUp
  • Library Databases

Google Apps login

After changing you Network login using MyPassword, your Google Apps login will be synced to your network login.

*Important: If you are unable to access the MyPassword page to change your Network Login you will need to have it reset by calling 262-564-3695 or ext.3695. In the meantime you can access your email at with your username (no and the password you normally use.

Colleague Login

Colleague logins are not affected by these changes, you should continue to use your Colleague login as usual.

MyPassword System

See instructions here.

  1. What is my Network login?
    The user ID and password you use to log in to your Gateway computer is your Network login (your LastnameFirstinitial login). If you are unsure what your network login is you can call the Gateway Technology Support Center at 262-564-3695 or ext. 3695 to have your password set for you.

    In the meantime you can access your email at with your username (no and the password you normally use.

  2. How does the new system work?
    The new system is located at
    Staff and faculty can go to this webpage, login using their existing Network login and, after answering a number of security questions, they can change their password or reset it in case it’s forgotten. See the attachment GTCMyPassword for complete instructions or click on the links below to view a demonstration.

    Setting up your MyPassword security questions
    Change your password using MyPassword
    Resetting your password using MyPassword

  3. When I change my password using the MyPassword system, what systems will this affect?
    When changing your password with the MyPassword system you’ll use your new password for any of the follow Gateway services that apply to you: Logging into your Gateway computer; Google Apps;; Web EMS; ImageNow; Printing; VDI;; VPN; Wireless access; Blackboard (using the new staff login link).
  4. Will this change my password for Webadvisor or GoSignMeUp?
    Currently the MyPassword system will not change your password for these applications. The MyPassword system is intended to manage your credentials for these systems in the future. To login to these systems you will continue to use the ID number and the password you currently use. If you need to change your password for these systems you can do so using Webadvisor.
  5. Will the MyPassword system affect my Colleague login?
    No. Changing your password with MyPassword will not affect your Colleague login.
  6. Can I still change my Network login password by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and clicking Change Password?
    No. The MyPassword system is now the official method for Gateway staff and faculty to change their Network login password.
  7. Do I have to change my password right now?
    We are recommending that all staff and faculty login to the MyPassword system, set up their security questions, and change their password as soon as possible. Remember once you change your password using MyPassword you will use your new password for all of the systems mentioned in question #2 (including Gmail/Google Apps and Blackboard!).
  8. I have my Gateway Staff email syncing with my mobile device. What happens after I change my password using the MyPassword system?
    When you change your password with MyPassword it will also change your password for Gmail (Google Apps). You will need to enter your new password in your mobile device email settings for it to resume working. For example on an iPhone, iPad or Android device after you have changed your password with MyPassword, the next time you try to use your mail app it will simply ask you to enter your new password.
  9. I use Gateway’s wireless network on my mobile device. What happens after I change my password using the MyPassword system?
    Yes, when you change your password using the MyPassword system your wireless device will ask for the new password the next time it connects to Gateway’s Wifi.

New Blackboard Login

  1. How do I log in to Blackboard?
    To log in to Blackboard access the login page the same way you always have. However, instead of entering your username and password click the link below the Username and Password boxes that says “Staff Login” This will direct you to a new login page where you should enter your Network login (LastnameFirstinitial) and password. When logging out of Blackboard it is very important that you close all tabs and windows of your browser or you will not be signed out. Please note that at this time this change only applies to staff. Students will continue logging in using the traditional Username/Password boxes and their Colleague ID number. Click the link below for a demonstration on the new method for Staff/Faculty to login to Blackboard.

    *Important: If you are unable to access the MyPassword page to change your Network Login you will need to have it reset by calling 262-564-3695 or ext.3695. In the meantime you can access Blackboard by logging in the way you always have with your ID Number/Password in the traditional login boxes.

    New Blackboard Login Demonstration


  1. What is Gateway’s new Single-Sign-On system?
    Services that use Gateway’s Single-Sign-On (or SSO) system will allow users to login once and then use any of the services that are tied to the SSO system. For example, if you log in to Blackboard ( using the new Staff Login link and then browse to or you will automatically be logged in. Click the link below for a demonstration of the new Single-Sign-On system.

    Single-Sign-On Demonstration

  2. What services use Gateway’s Single-Sign-On system?
    Initially only Blackboard, Lynda, and Gateway Google Apps (staff email) will use SSO. However we have plans to integrate several more services in the near future.

    Please keep a look-out for further improvements to come!