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Ongoing Partnerships


Gateway formed a partnership with Kaufmännische Schulen in Hanau, Germany (KS-Hanau) during the 2002-03 school year, focusing on:

  • Promotion of intercultural understanding, business practice and working methods
  • Broadening the horizons of KS-Hanau apprentices and instructors, and Gateway students and instructors
  • Collaboration in the process of curriculum development
  • Project-based student/faculty exchanges

Since the formation of the partnership, students from KS-Hanau have visited Gateway annually and in 2007 the first group of Gateway students traveled to Hanau.  Each year Gateway students now travel to Hanau and participate in hands-on project-based learning with KS-Hanau students.

Visit the Kaufmännische Schulen Hanau website to learn more.


In partnership with the non-profit organization, Peacework, Gateway has made a long term commitment to assist the community of Orange Walk in Belize in its sustainable community building efforts. This service-learning program is currently open to students in the Horticulture, Information Technology, Nursing, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Dental, Physical Therapy, and all Business and Engineering programs. Students will work with local colleges to provide education to primary school students and faculty as well as working on community programs like community gardens, health clinics, and upgrades to IT infrastructure.

Visit the Peacework website to learn more.


VIDA (Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance) provides support for people in need in Latin America. Their top priority is to provide medical supplies and services to those with the greatest need. Open to Nursing, Dental, and Veterinary Technician program students.

Visit the VIDA USA website to learn more.