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Name Email Department Job Titlesort descending Campus Phone
Urquhart, Kenneth Academic Operations Casual
Shields, Jason Emergency Medical Services Casual Elkhorn
Patrenets, Heather Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha
Dinauer, Jacob Emergency Medical Services Casual
Fremy, Joseph Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Shiroda, Cortney Academic Operations Casual
Harmon, Elizabeth Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Thillemann, Robert Police Science- Non Credit Casual
Pritikin, Nathan Printing/mds System Casual
Dietz, Andrew Emergency Medical Services Casual
Barry-Watson, Theresa Student Support Services Casual Kenosha 2625642318
Kempf, Steven Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Cook, Laura Nursing Casual Kenosha
Ehlen, Brett Printing/mds System Casual
Mattice, Riley Printing/mds System Casual Kenosha
Byers, Kyleigh Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Moffatt, Carrie Nursing Casual
Herrera, Maria Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha
Nelson, Stevie Advanced Technology Centers Casual iMET 2628987514
Rasmussen, Janet Nursing Casual
Marik, Paul Police Science- Non Credit Casual
Sedmak, Eric Academic Operations Casual
Carini, Caitlin Bws Casual
Callahan, Haylee Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha
Maney, Colleen Veterinary Science Casual Elkhorn 2627418674
Drymalski, Roman Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha
Trevisan, Kurt Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Ellis, Shakyra Enrollment Services Casual Racine
Pfaff, Elsa Academic Operations Casual
Ahler, Milagros Enrollment Services Casual Elkhorn
Gorecki, Alan Police Science- Non Credit Casual
Janaszek, Barb Academic Admin Casual Elkhorn 2627418514
Denning, Tina Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Hanson, Richard Bws Casual NOT_FOUND
Oquendo, Jessica Marketing & Communications Casual Kenosha 2625643230
Stabbe, David Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Harris, Lynn Nursing Casual
Gordon, Dana Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Burke, John Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Moat, Jeanmarie Special Needs/comm Casual
McGuire, Matthew Emergency Medical Services Casual
Wilckens, Lisa Nursing Casual Kenosha 2625642114
Lopez, Jody Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Conlon, Susan Physical Therapist Assistant Casual
Russell, Kristen Academic Operations Casual
Buehner, Ginger Enrollment Services Casual Elkhorn
Wadlington, Jerry Building Security Casual
Clay, Geoffrey Academic Operations Casual
Brown, Claire Marketing & Communications Casual Kenosha 2625643068
Padgett, Travis Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Sommers, Barbara Academic Operations Casual
Meyers, Rose Nursing Casual
Umnus, Edward Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
VanDyke, Andrea Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Elkhorn 2625642564
Mendoza, Karina Enrollment Services Casual Elkhorn
Strifling, Geri Gen Education Admin Casual Kenosha
Liberski, Bruce Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual Burlington
Wienke, Brain Emergency Medical Services Casual
Cotter, Mary Nursing Casual
Keedy, Jennifer Foundation Casual kenosha 2625642656
Doran, Michael Motorcycle/moped Driver Ed Casual
Cook, Jay Industrial Equipment Mech Casual
Heckel, Lisa Nursing Casual Burlington
Aleksinski, Sheryl Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Elkhorn
Kinard, Isha Police Science- Non Credit Casual
Deckrosh, Dustin Printing/mds System Casual 2625643716
Passo, Celestina Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha
Rucinski, David Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Mantuano, Gianni Printing/mds System Casual
Hall, Debra Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Hultin, Summer Advanced Technology Centers Casual
Alfano Tilch, Merriet Academic Operations Casual Kenosha 2625642618
Werve, Brittany Printing/mds System Casual
Hoag, Angela Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Peters, Lori Nursing Casual
Lott, Glenn Bldg Maint-racine Casual Racine 2626196476
Djuplin, Wesley Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Pekel, Dale Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual Burlington
Beix, Judith Nursing Casual Burlington
Endl, Helen Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Vorpagel, Timothy Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Anderson, Connie Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha
Bunnell, Kendall Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha 2625643402
Smallwood-Rideaux, Phyllis Supervision/leadership Casual
Merlin, Jennifer Law Enforcement Academy Casual
Days-Kimmons, Vevlon Medical Support Casual
Alvarez, Della Emergency Medical Services Casual
DelFrate, John Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Drechsler, Ann Academic Operations Casual
LaForge, Nicole Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Keeku, Jean Nursing Casual
Ketchpaw, Susan Student Services-elkhorn Casual
Summers, Michael Academic Operations Casual
Karbouski, Olivia Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual Kenosha 2625642564
Sura, Matthew Emergency Medical Services Casual
Schuppe, James Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Thomas, Kara Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Spotz, Kurt Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Hornby, Frederick Emergency Medical Services Casual Burlington
Tabrizi, Pusaporn Mathematics Casual