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Namesort descending Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Haggarty, Kristine Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Haggarty, Robert Social Science - Wedd Adj Social Science
Halbach, Anke Acad Dev/communications Instructor, Academic Support Center Kenosha 2625642736
Halberstadt, Mary Staffing Human Resources, Generalist Kenosha 2625643060
Haling, Kenneth Accounting Instructor, Accounting Elkhorn 2627418342
Hall, Robert Dispatcher Adjunct
Hall, Debra Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Hall, Charles Corrections Science Adjunct 504
Hallisy, Robert Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Tch Asst Police Inservice - Kenosha
Halloran, Thomas Communication Skills Instructor, Communication Racine 2626196678
Halverson, Jef Accounting Instructor, Accounting Elkhorn 2627418664
Hamell, Mary Barbering/cosmetology Casual Racine
Hamilton, Karen Acad Dev/communications Paraprofessional II Racine 2626196480
Hamilton, Marshlli Academic Advising Academic Advisor Racine 2626196670
Hamm, Thomas Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Tch Asst Police Inservice 046 - Kenosha
Hankel, Deborah English Instructor, Adult Basic Education/English Language Learner Elkhorn 2627418582
Hankins, Amy Communication Skills Instructor, Communication Skills Elkhorn 2627418374
Hanson, Faye Admin/financial Services Finance Specialist II - Projects Kenosha 2625642432
Hanson, Jill
Hanson, Tom Bldg Maint-elkhorn First Shift Custodian Elkhorn 2627418346
Hanson, Natashia Health Sciences Admin Divisional Associate Kenosha 2625642716
Hanson, Richard Wedd Casual NOT_FOUND
Harcus, Douglas Building/maint-imet Custodian IMET
Hardbarger, Jonathan Civil Technology Instructor, Civil Engineering/Structural IMET 2628987486
Hargrove, Sam Paramedic - Wedd Adjunct
Harmon, Elizabeth Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Harmon, Marlo Grp Dynamics For Traffic Sfty Adjunct-818
Harpe, Mary President/director's Office Assistant to the President Kenosha 2625643018
Harris, Lynn Nursing Casual
Harris, Calvin It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Racine 2626196382
Hart, Jo Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Elkhorn 2627418304
Hart, Amy Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Hashek, Michael Supervision/leadership Instructor, Supervisory Management Elkhorn 2627418462
Hassan, Donna Staff Development - Kenosha Professional Non-Faculty Casual
Havel, Gregory Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Inst Fire Service - B
Haywood, Zina Gen Instruction/administrators Executive Vice President/Provost Kenosha 2625643104
Heather, Brandon Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Financial Aid Associate Kenosha 2625642384
Hebert, Sandy English Instructor, Adult Basic Education Burlington 2627675384
Heckel, Lisa Nursing Casual Burlington
Heeter, Scott Accounting Adj Inst Accounting - Kenosha
Heinen, Alberta Barber/cosmetology Apprentice Instructor, Barber/Cosmetologist Apprenticeship Kenosha 2625643186
Helt, Angelina Social Science Instructor, Economics Kenosha 2625642620
Hempel, Jason Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Henderson, Susan Academic Development Instructor, Adult Basic Education Racine 2626196720
Henken, Celeste Foundation Foundation and Alumni Relations Coordinator Kenosha 2625642644
Hennen, Valerie Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K Racine
Herker, Gregory Wedd-eda Manager, Fab Lab IMET 2628987430
Herman, Charles Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Instructor, HVAC Kenosha 2625642454
Hernandez, Lauren Ems Admin Divisional Dean Associate Burlington 2627675306
Hernandez Guizar, Lidia Marketing & Communications Marketing Outreach Specialist Kenosha 2625642386
Herr, Pamela Disability Support Services Instructor, Disability Support Services Racine 2626196520
Herring, Jayne Marketing & Communications Director, Marketing Kenosha 2625643092
Herrmann, Dawn Admin/financial Services Financial Specialist Kenosha 2625642756
Hickman, Roxie Health Sciences Admin Campus Program Associate Racine 2626196412
Higgins, Aleita English Student Tutor - Racine Offsite 2626338789
Higgins, Patty Basic Education-racine Adjunct 890 Racine
Hilker, Deborah Student Support Services Casual Racine 2626196680
Hill, Xin Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Hillman, Pamela Accounting Instructor, Accounting Elkhorn 2625643128
Hinder, Marianne Culinary Arts Adjunct-316
Hinke, Virginia
Hipper, Jerry Motorcycle/moped Driver Ed Adj Tch Asst Motorcycle
Hoag, Angela Interpreter-hearing Impaired Casual
Hobbs, Lawrence Facility Maintenance Instructor, HVAC Kenosha 2625642092
Hochberg, Sali Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Kenosha
Hodges, Damaso Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Hoernke, Donald Const Elect-apprn Adj Inst Elect Appr. Racine
Hoff, Robert Electro Mechanical Technology Instructor, Fluid Power Technology Lakeview 2625643468
Hoffman, Justin Automotive Technology Instructor, Automotive Technology Kenosha 2625643930
Hoke, Robin Wedd-eda Director, Business Development IMET 2625643608
Holden, Marilyn Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Office Technology Racine 2626196460
Holder, Helen Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Elkhorn 2627418634
Hood, Cleaster Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Kenosha
Hoppe, Pat Electrical Technology Instructor, Electronics IMET 2628987518
Hornby, Frederick Emergency Medical Services Casual Burlington
Hotchkiss, Keith It- Network & Infrastructure Computer Support Technician Kenosha 2625643732
Howser, Dale Fire Technology - Non Credit Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Hruzek, Amanda Recruitment/placement New Student Specialist Elkhorn 2627418442
Huber, Amber English Adjunct Elkhorn 2627418338
Huff, Jeffrey Motorcycle/moped Driver Ed Adj Tch Asst Motorcycle
Hulback, Victoria Nursing Instructor, Nursing Burlington 2627675318
Hultin, Summer Advanced Technology Centers Casual
Humes, Anthony Server & Virtual Technology Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 2625643720
Hunter, Margaret Staff Development - District Instructional Technologist Kenosha 2627418290
Hur, Christian It Pa/web/e-business Instructor, Sharepoint NOT_FOUND 2626196388
Infusino, Achille Business Administration Instructor, Business Management/Marketing Kenosha 2625643128
Infusino, Nicholas Business Administration Adj Inst Business Admin - K
Ingalsbe, Diane English Casual Racine
Iovine, Frank Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Tch Asst Police Inservice 047 - Kenosha
Isaacson, Margaret Nursing and Nursing Related Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642344
Ivanoski, Robert
Jackson, Kamaljit Quality Systems Quality Systems Manager Kenosha 2625642850
Jacob, Julie Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Jacob, Charles Colleague Programmer/Analyst Kenosha 2625642968
James, Michelle Testing Services Director, Testing Services Racine 2625642542
Janaszek, Barb Academic Admin Casual Elkhorn 2627418514
Janisin, Matthew Automotive Technology-wedd Instructor/Coordinator, NC3 Horizon 2625643942
Janisin, Brooke English As A Second Language Adjunct
Jankowski, Kenneth Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Jansen, Travis Gen Instruction/Administration Assistant Registrar, Degree Audit & Curriculum Racine 2626196470