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Name Email Department Job Title Campus Phone
Braun, Patrice Academic Operations Professional Non-faculty
Braun, Tracey Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Breach, Narees Library/lrc-elkhorn Library Secretary Elkhorn 2627418242
Brechue, Austin Law Enforcement Academy Adjunct
Bretl, Diane Physical Therapist Assistant Professional Non-Faculty
Brierton, Peter Casual Non-Instr. - Examiner National Registry
Brinkman, Patrick Library/lrc-racine Library Circulation Technician Racine 2626196414
Brisland, Michelle Enrollment Services Casual Elkhorn
Brogan, Kimberly Acad Dev/communications TUTOR/PRNF-K
Brooks, Lawrence Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine
Brott, Carla English As A Second Language Adjunct
Brouk, Soheila Social Science Instructor, Psychology Kenosha 2626196330
Brown, Kevin Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Tch Asst Police Inservice 047 - Kenosha
Brown, Claire Marketing & Communications Casual Kenosha 2625643068
Brown, Kimberly Admissions Admissions Associate Elkhorn 2627418402
Brummel, Cheryl Admissions Background/Health Information Associate Elkhorn 2627418156
Brunhart, Angela Foreign Language Adj Inst Foreign Language - K
Bubel, Sherry Academic Admin International Education Secretary Racine 2626196624
Buccolt, Ashley Student Support Services Casual
Buchmann, Jill Accounting Instructor, Accounting Racine 2626196356
Buhnerkemper, Richard Machine Tool/CNC Technology Instructor, CNC/Machine Tool Racine 2626196650
Bunnell, Kendall Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha 2625643402
Burg, Marvin Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Burke, Kevin Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adjunct
Burke, John Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Burton, Tanya Ss Enrollment Services Admin Student Services Center Manager Racine 2626196402
Burton, Ellen Admin/office Assistant Instructor, Office Technology Kenosha 2625643132
Busch, Cory Surgical Technician Instructor, Surgical Tech Kenosha 2625642458
Bustillo, Lyleth Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Butters, Barry Machine Shop - Wedd Adjunct
Cabell, Damon Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine
Cairns, James Law Enforcement Academy Law Enforcement Training Technician Kenosha 2625643162
Cairns, Marie Natural Science Science Technical Assistant Kenosha 2625642370
Calder, Alexander
Callahan, Haylee Enrollment Services Casual Kenosha
Callewaert, Charyl Enrollment Services Student Express Associate Racine 2626196528
Campbell, Maureen Library/lrc-racine Casual-Librarian
Campbell, Marshall Numerical Control Instructor, CNC Elkhorn 2627418516
Campbell, Marvin Server & Virtual Technology Technology Support Coordinator Kenosha 2626196338
Campbell, Christine Health Foundations Adjunct
Candee, Michael Graphic Designer Adj Inst Graphic Tech Des - K
Capelli, Julie Nursing Assistant Instructor, Nursing Assistant Kenosha 2625642374
Capito, Tammy Accounting Adj Inst Accounting - Kenosha
Capon, Deborah Nursing Assistant Adjunct
Carbajal, Diane Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communication Associate Kenosha 2625643222
Carini, Caitlin Bws Casual
Carrera, Madeline Service Learning Service Learning Coordinator Kenosha 2625643138
Carrera, Juan Automotive Technology Adjunct
Carstens Berberich, Jodie Aeronautics Divisional Transportation Associate Horizon 2625643904
Casselman, Christine Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Causey, Irene Academic Operations Academic Operations Aide Kenosha 2625642324
Causey, Charles Bldg Maint-kenosha Casual
Cayemberg, Merlin Mechanical Drafting Adj Instr Mechanical Drafting - BISD CATI
Cech, Kevin Emergency Medical Services Casual
Celebre, Dionne Acad Dev/communications TUTOR/PRNF-K
Cerminara, Rhonda Admin/financial Services Business Office & Purchasing Associate Kenosha 2625642568
Chapko, Nancy Curriculum Center Instructional Designer/Student Learning Coordinator Burlington 2627675334
Chapman, Ginger Registrar Registrar's Office Associate Racine 2626196836
Chapman, Ross Fire Technology - Non Credit Casual
Chapman, Gregory Mechanical Technology Instructor, Mechanical Design IMET 2628987550
Charpentier, Jennifer Foundation Foundation Executive Director Kenosha 2625642866
Chase, Susan Admin/financial Services Accounting Associate Kenosha 2625642762
Chase, Laura Dispatcher Adjunct
Chavez, Antonio Corrections Science Adjunct 504
Chmielewski, Teresa Horticulture Student Employee-Misc Wages Kenosha
Christensen, Samuel Social Science Adj Inst Social Science - K
Christensen, Vicki Admin/financial Services Finance A/P Associate Kenosha 2625642574
Christian, Jon
Christiansen, Kurt Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Adjunct Kenosha
Christianson, Jennifer Marketing Instructor, Marketing Racine 2626196420
Christman, Sandra Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196362
Christman, Rachel Ss Enrollment Services Admin Student Services Center Manager Kenosha 2625642350
Ciriacks, Lisa Emergency Medical Service Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Clack, Lisa Fire Technology - Non Credit Nursing Lab Assistant
Clark, Thomas Emergency Medical Services 14J Inst Emergency Medical Services - Burlington
Clark, Roseana Student Support Services Casual-Student Kenosha 2625642906
Clark, Marcia Business Administration Adj Inst Business Admin - K
Clark, Ed Colleague State Reporting/Software Development Administrator Kenosha 2625642382
Clark, Donna
Clark Jr, Raymond Criminal Justice/law Enfrcmnt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Clay, Geoffrey Academic Operations Casual
Clifford, Colleen Educational Services Adjunct-522 Burlington
Cole, Philip Bldg Maint-racine Custodian Racine 2626196644
Cole, David Radio Station - Gen Mgmt General Manager WGTD- FM91.1 Kenosha 2625643030
Coleman, Christine Communication Skills Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Collins, Timothy Air Conditioning & Ref Tech Instructor, Gas Utility Kenosha 2625642048
Collum, Rudy Academic Development Instructor, Adult High School/History Racine 2626196358
Colony, Lee Marketing & Communications Marketing Communication Specialist Kenosha 2625642512
Coloriano, Jomarie Student Support Activities Student Support Specialist Racine 2626196440
Comer, Karen Barbering/cosmetology Instructor, Barber/Cosmetology Racine 2626196360
Conlon, Susan Physical Therapist Assistant Casual
Connolly, Colleen Communication Skills Instructor, Communications Kenosha 2625642966
Cook, Laura Nursing Casual Kenosha
Cook, Christina Child Development Instructor, Early Childhood Education Racine 2626196594
Cook, Jay Industrial Equipment Mech Casual
Cooks, Sonya Nursing Instructor, Nursing Kenosha 2625642520
Cosey, Tameeka Fin Aids/veteran's Affairs Work Study Racine
Costello, Michael Social Science Instructor, Psychology Racine 2626196344
Cotton, Michael Bldg Maint-kenosha Custodian Kenosha 2625642702
Cousino, Thomas Building Security Director, Safety & Security Kenosha 2625642812