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Registration for Disability Services

New Students

  • Contact the Disability Support Services office on your campus.

Returning Students

  • At the beginning of each semester, students must meet with a Disability Support Instructor Instructor or Specialist to complete an Accommodation Plan. Please bring a copy of your semester schedule to this meeting.
  • If you are taking classes on more than one campus, you must register for Disability Support Services on each individual campus.
  • If your Accommodations Plan includes assistive technology or e-textbooks, please give the Disability Support Instructors at least three weeks notice.  Ordering e-textbook online and special equipment/assistive technology takes time and could delay your support services.
  • Discuss Accommodation Plan with course instructors, learn to be your best advocate and describe your academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students taking classes online may register for Disability Support Services on any of the four campuses (Burlington, Elkhorn, Kenosha, or Racine).

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