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Supplemental Instruction

Gateway is excited to be offering supplemental instruction to students in certain difficult academic courses.  Supplemental instruction provides additional opportunities for students to review and understand course materials helping improve your overall performance in the course.

What is supplemental instruction session?

Supplemental instruction (SI) is a voluntary one hour session outside of class in which materials presented in the most recent session of class are reviewed and discussed.  SI sessions integrate how to learn with what to learn.  In addition to reviewing material and asking questions students also discover strategies for note taking, organization of materials and test preparation.

Who leads the sessions?

SI leaders are students who have demonstrated competence in the subject/course and who have received training on being a SI leader.  SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, and read all assigned materials.  They use this background to guide students during the SI session.

Who can attend the sessions?

Attendance at SI sessions is voluntary.  Students enrolled in designated courses that offer SI (see below) can chose to attend any or all SI sessions for the course.

Why should I attend supplemental instruction sessions?

The sessions provide students with an efficient and effective way to study and review coursework.  Sessions provide a review of class material, a chance to ask questions and an opportunity gain strategies for success in the course.

How do I find a course that offers supplemental instruction?

Currently only certain sections of Introduction to Psychology and General Chemistry have supplemental instruction available.  The sections of these courses that have supplemental instruction available can be identified by the “SI” in the course number (i.e. 801-136-1KSIA).

As of the Spring 2013 Semester supplemental instruction will be available in certain sections of Introduction to Psychology, English Composition, General Chemistry, Math Pre-tech and PC Basics.