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USG Committees

United Student Government has committees that work on various initiatives from student activities to legislative efforts. Students interested in joining a committee can contact their campus representatives or email

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of USG’s Executive Student Leaders. The Executive Committee is the governing committee of USG. It is responsible for presenting the budget, plans, and policies to the full government for approval. It also acts on matters that require immediate disposal, approves committees and chairpersons, and promotes needed legislation.

Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee comprises the Campus/Center Student Leaders and other members that are appointed as needed. The committee hears and investigates suggestions and complaints from students, faculty and administration and forwards information on through proper channels at the college. Progress is reported to any and all interested parties.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is composed of the Campus/Center Student Leaders and other members that are appointed as needed. The committee's primary responsibility is to acquire and share accurate information about USG, student activities and more with Gateway students.

Election Committee

The Election Committee is made up of the Executive Committee with other members appointed as needed. The committee’s primary responsibility is organizing and executing USG elections each spring.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee and includes appointees from each campus or center. The Student Activities Committee is responsible for promoting and providing organized social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities for Gateway students.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee and includes appointees from each campus or center. The Legislative Committee works to raise student awareness and participation in legislative and political issues that impact students on a local and state level. Committee members engage with and select members to represent Gateway at Wisconsin Student Government meetings in addition to promoting knowledge and understanding of Wisconsin Technical College System activities on a state level.

Ad Hoc Committee

Ad hoc committees will be appointed as needed. 

Full details on all committees can be found in the USG constitution and bylaws.