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Student Clubs & Organizations

Do you want to meet fellow students, gain professional experience, and get involved on campus and in the community? Gateway's many student clubs and campus organizations are the perfect opportunity to do just that. No matter what you're interested in, there is something for you here at Gateway.

Clubs can be affiliated with a program of study or just a group connecting people with similar interests. All clubs must have a faculty/staff advisor. Clubs sanctioned by the District Activity Advisory Board (DAAB) receive many benefits. For details on starting a new club, club operating procedures, and funding guidelines please review the DAAB Activity Manual.

Click on the links below for club information:


United Student Government
Trina Muscarella 741-8452
Lindsey Kosman 619-6570
Pat Hoppe 898-7518
Sandy Monahan 767-5384
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
Jim Buck 564-3158
Wendy Klemp 564-2678
Tina Trainor 564-3166
ARC Rivals - Welding
Mike Skender 741-8368
Graphic Design Association (GDA)
Laura Laznicka 741-8384
Peter Pham 619-6550
Michelle Quinn 741-8446
International Club
Chinedu Obowu 619-6546
Sherry Bigalke 619-6624
National Society of Leadership & Success/Sigma Alpha Pi
Lindsey Kosman 619-6570
Joe Sell 741-8356
Nurses’ Christian Fellowship
Katrina McGovern 564-2114
OAK - Outdoor Adventure Klub
Trina Muscarella  
Lindsey Kosman  
Phi Theta Kappa
Jessica Gleason 564-2722
Heidi Jenkins 619-6672
Suzanne Sublette 619-6722
The Rainbow Alliance
Katie Lohre  
Maddie Carrera  
Rough Routers
Rebecca Marschner 741-8390
Mary Baldwin Grimes 619-6316
Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)
Diane Cozzi 767-5328
Shronda Green 564-2708
Morgan Kaiser 564-2122
Student Veterans of America
Anthony First 619-6492
Katherine Saunders 767-5410

Burlington Center

Gateway Association of Fire Students (GAFS)
John Dahms 767-5136
Jack Jasperson 492-5875
Stephanie Slater 767-5306
Sue Herrmann 767-5336

Elkhorn Campus

Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Anna Konkel 741-8376
Tina Page 741-8326
Gateway Collegiate DECA
Sara Skowronski 741-8404
Gateway Computer Professionals United (G-CPU)
Paul Nelson 741-8406
Robotic Welding
Scott Rohde 741-8432
The Silent Connection
Mary Mair 741-8388

Kenosha Campus

Alpha Beta Hortus/Horticulture Club (ABH)
Kate Field 564-2418
Kate Jerome 564-2474
Courtney Pfade 564-2492
American Society of Interior Designers/Iota Delta Kappa (ASID)
Rita Serpe 564-2326
Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Manoj Babu 741-8440
Pam Hillman 741-8470
Collegiate DECA
Kari Aiello 564-2528
Achille Infusino 564-3128
Ed Grochowski 564-2312
Physical Therapist Assistant
Megan Zingleman 564-2290
Traci Gotz 564-2470
Student American Institute of Floral Design (SAIFD)
Jane Edwards  
Kathy Estep 564-2368

integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (iMET) Center

Biomedical Engineering Club
Pat Hoppe 898-7518
Electronics Club
Jill Sammons 898-7470
N9GTC Amateur Radio Club
Pat Hoppe 898-7518
Society of Women Engineers
Jill Sammons 898-7470
Sustainable Living Club
Jim Jazdzewski 898-7478

Racine Campus

Alliance for Multicultural Students
Jomarie Coloriano 619-6440
Julani Bayan 564-2546
Collegiate DECA
Jennifer Christianson 619-6420
Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Jill Buchmann 619-63560
Cosmetologist/Barber Club
Susan Curi 619-6362
Culinary Arts
Adam Larkin 619-7652
Steve Villalobos 619-6642
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Jill Sammons 898-7470
Step UP
Ken Riley 619-6450