Travel Updates

March 13, 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our students and staff from coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve followed the recommendations of public health care professionals in creating a travel policy.

All international and out-of-state student and staff travel through April 30 is canceled. There will also be a delay in making and/or purchasing travel arrangements (flights, hotels, conference registrations, etc.) for study abroad or out-of-state travel to occur after April 30 until further notice or approval by Gateway Technical College Executive President/Provost Zina Haywood. This short-term suspension is a precautionary measure in response to the dynamic nature and accelerating pace of the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

We will keep everyone updated on a regular basis and decisions for travel beyond April 30 will be made no later than April 1.

We strongly encourage everyone in our community to reconsider non-essential personal travel outside of the state of Wisconsin. As the spread of COVID-19 escalates, you face a higher level of risk of infection and/or the possibility of self-quarantine upon your return.

We are asking any students or staff who personally travel internationally or outside the state of Wisconsin (non-Gateway sponsored travel) to self-screen using methods recommended by state and local public health care professionals.

Self-screening information and other valuable health care information on the virus – including ways you can help reduce the risk of contracting it – can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.