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March, 2015

Remodeling projects aimed at better serving students

Kenosha Campus projects ongoing

By Jo Heffner

Atrium on Kenosha Campus

A spacious open atrium with natural light is a perfect place to study or relax on the Kenosha Campus.

In August 2014, the Kenosha Campus Learning Success Center opened its doors in its new location. Combining the services for tutoring, disability support and adult basic education, the new facility offers quiet study in calming decor.

“In the past, these were separate departments that had some crossover in services. Bringing them together provides the opportunity to leverage staffing and give the student a more seamless transition between these services... and a much more inviting space,” said Gary Flynn, dean of campus affairs on the Kenosha Campus. “This also provided the campus an opportunity to connect these services more closely with the library and provide four group study rooms that have technology available so that students can collaborate on projects.”

Flynn continued, “Kenosha Campus Testing Services were previously divided between two locations, in separate buildings. Their new location in A128 provides two separate labs for proctored testing–one for placement testing and the other for high-stakes testing. Again, this allowed us to leverage staffing and provide customers with an environment more suitable for testing.”

In the fall, the Kenosha Campus Atrium also opened, which is the area that connects the Academic Building with the Science Building. Previously this was just a hallway, but the intent is to make this more of a front entrance so that current and potential students have an entrance point near Student Services, an area for sitting and an area in which some student events can be held.  

Some of the restrooms have also gotten a facelift, which the students seem to appreciate.

“These restrooms do a much better job of meeting ADA standards for accessibility and have eco-friendly water-free urinals and hand-washing stations that eliminate the need for paper towels,” Flynn said.

Kenosha Campus Student Services also is being remodeled and is opening soon.

“The goal of this remodel is to provide a better student experience in which they can meet in private offices with advisors, new student specialists, student finance specialists and student support counselors,” he said. “In addition, services should flow a little better for students with the new design and there will be a more comfortable seating area.”  

When asked about ecofriendly changes, Flynn said, “With any new construction at Gateway Technical College over 5,000 square feet, our designs are to LEED Silver Certification standards.” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a green building certification standard.

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