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March, 2015

Celebrating potential

Foundation scholarships boost student success
Maria Matthews congratulated by Ray Koukari

Maria Matthews, congratulated by Ray Koukari, dean of campus affairs, earned one of 185 Gateway Foundations Scholarships at the Foundations February ceremony.

More than $105,000 in scholarship funds was awarded to more than 160 students during the annual Gateway Technical College Foundation scholarship awards ceremony, held February 21 on the Kenosha Campus.

Award recipients are required to have at least a 2.0 or better grade point average and six or more credits, along with submitting a letter and application to the Foundation. The median scholarship amount received was $500.

“We are most grateful for our donors’ commitment to Gateway students. Thanks to their support, the Foundation can help students keep their education more affordable and pursue their dreams,” Jennifer Charpentier, Foundation executive director, said at the awards ceremony. “I encourage all Gateway students to apply for Foundation scholarships.”

The Foundation helps support the educational and cultural activities of the college in a variety of ways, including scholarships, GED testing grants, student emergency grants, boot camps and project support, said Stanley Manning, Foundation board chairman.

“We help close gaps for students and the college,” Manning said.

Sherry Bigalke, award recipient and student guest speaker, said during her presentation, “I applaud the donors and the students who have won, and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to set goals that you feel will make you successful and don’t ever, ever believe you cannot do it. Because you can!”

For information on the Foundation, go to or contact Charpentier at or 262-564-2866. 

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