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New initiatives in place for students

The Student Support Department has a significant number of exciting new initiatives and services available for Gateway students. The HEADS UP male mentor program will continue through the summer session and will be adding a component for females in the fall. Details at

Maximizing Your Strengths workshops will be offered during the summer and fall semesters. These two-hour workshops will help students discover and explore natural abilities and talents to help students succeed in college. For more information contact Katherine Saunders at

The Deaf/Hard of Hearing program is expanding its services in Elkhorn with the purchase of an Ubi-Duo communication device. The Ubi-Duo is a first-of-a-kind device that eliminates communication barriers and makes face-to-face interaction between deaf and hard of hearing students and hearing staff members. The first device will be placed on the Elkhorn Campus where many of the deaf/hard of hearing population stop in, and an interpreter may not be readily available. The Ubi-Duo will allow for smooth communication by the student and staff to type quickly back and forth and make the Elkhorn Campus more accessible.  

TRiO program students have come together to create a new club called EXCEED. This club is open to all students who support students with disabilities.  The club meets monthly in Elkhorn and has a mission to “Enhance the Educational Experience for Students with Disabilities” at Gateway Technical College. For details on the club, contact Saunders at