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May, 2014

Making a Difference

Bryan Albrecht

Bryan Albrecht
President & CEO
Gateway Technical College

Story after story has been written about the challenges communities, businesses, and individuals face as the economy continues to change. But in my opinion it still comes down to, “Are we making a difference?”

At Gateway I believe we are. Let’s start with our most important asset—our students. Gateway students achieve at very high levels. This year Gateway students earned state achievement awards and participated in national competitions at a record level. Recent surveys show that 85% of Gateway graduates are working within 6 months of graduation and Gateway students contributed an incredible number of hours of community service. Our students are making a difference.

Another area where we are making a difference is through our partnerships with industry. Gateway maintains 200 partnerships with local businesses. These efforts involve training, technical support and new product development. Partnerships with local business make a difference in our community because they add value to the economy—to our companies’ bottom line.

Gateway contributes to the health of each of the communities we serve. And that is important to our commitment to you. Supporting civic organizations, schools, and community-based organizations make a difference in our ability to educate the citizenry throughout southeast Wisconsin. Gateway takes pride in serving all students, adding value to local companies, to our communities, as well as meeting the education and training needs of our students. We are future makers. YOU are difference makers! 


Bryan Albrecht, Ed.D.,
President & CEO, Gateway Technical College

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